Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Short: Money Talk

This week's Saturday Short edition comes from our chat on The True Cost of interior design. In this segment, which didn't make the final cut, we discussed the need for open communication between client and designer on the budget - and the misconceptions, wasted time and money that result from lack of communicating.


Terry said...

Neither designer websites, magazines, blogs, or TV are any help on costs. And we'd really like to know what "those amazing curtains" really cost.

La Maison Fou said...

Really enjoyed this recap on the True cost of Interior Design.

katiedid said...

Always a sticking point. I agree!

CandiShack said...

Hey I'm new to your podcasts - they are so great! I just listened to the first 'cost of interior design' and also the one on where you begin with a new client. Someday I hope to be a designer... haha. That might come after the hubby finishes school and kids are in school. So for now I dream and get educated however I can! I just want to say thanks for the communication - it's great to hear the conversation rather than just read it off the screen.

Anonymous said...

When entering a relationship of client and decorator it is a dance and each side holds back parts of information. It is a business transaction where each parntner is secretly hoping for the upper hand.

When the process is complete where was the most money spent with the biggest impact?

Part of the art of decoracting is fooling the eye and a great artist is a master of making images appear as something they are not.

Each party (from the ego aspect) hopes the other party will make all dreams come true ( beautiful interior and/or make lots of money.

And the process is musch more fullfilling than the final outcome.

It is a dance that everyone wants to have a great partner.