Guest Information

The Skirted Roundtable is hosted by Joni Webb (Texas), Megan Arquette (California) and Linda Merrill (Massachusetts). Due to time zone differences, we usually record on Monday evenings at 11:00PM Eastern Standard Time. (10:00PM Texas, 8:00 Cali).  But are always happy to find an easier time for guests!

We speak over the internet using Skype which is a free download. All guests are asked to make sure they have the app and an account set up and tested. There is a testing number that comes with all Skype apps, so you can check to make sure your speakers and mics all work.  We're happy to do a sound check prior to our appointed conversation time. A plug in microphone or iPhone ear buds can also be very helpful to improve sound quality. Guests should shut down as many open apps on their computer as possible, in particular email and internet browsers. Please also turn cell phones to mute. Oh, and to avoid distraction, we use the audio only feature, no video! So come as you are!

Linda records the conversation from speakers in her office to her computer and edits for time, sound levels, repetitive speech patterns (ums, ahs, etc) and in the event anything said needs to be taken "off the record".  Recordings are uploaded to our podcast hosting site and a blog post is published with the sound file on our blog at Podcasts are also uploaded to iTunes, which maintains a library of the twenty most recent podcasts. However, all podcasts are always available on the blog site.

If you have a book or product you'd like to offer as a giveaway, we're happy to host it as part of the podcast. Please let whichever one of us you're working with know so we can make arrangements.

We named ourselves The Skirted Roundtable as a play on The Algonquin Roundtable and, of course, pretty decorative skirted roundtables that we all love. Our goal is to have genuine, friendly conversation as if we were all sitting around a table together.  As such, we don't have a set list of questions for guests. We always start out by making introductions with mentions of any books or products or events that you wish us to specifically make note of.  We also ask you to tell us about your background and your journey to where you are today. Through our many conversations with some of the biggest names in the design industry, we've found this to be the most interesting part of our conversation.

From there, we let the conversation flow. Generally, we three do ask questions as they come to us, or make comments about a design we love or something else specific. We record for approximately 60 minutes and the final podcasts range from 30-50 minutes, on average.

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