Chatting with author Carol Sheehan, "The Birding Life"

Before the holiday madness, we chatted with author Carol Sheehan, who along with husband Laurence Sheehan and Kathryn Precourt, has written a new book in their series of "Life" books called THE BIRDING LIFE. The book covers the many varied uses of bird imagery and lifestyles that have been incorporated into interiors and art over the last century. This beautifully shot coffee table book (photography by William Stites) covers a wide range of "bird-life" styles as captured by 20th century artist Charley Harper and contemporary gals about town The Hovey Sisters and everything in between.

 Charley Harper 

Carol Sheehan has had a long career in magazine publishing, most notably as editor in chief of County Home magazine. Laurence Sheehan is a freelance writer who has contributed to New England Monthly, The Atlantic and Travel + Leisure, among others. Kathryn Precourt is a magazine editor and interior designer. William Stites is a widely published photographer whose work has appeared in House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, GQ and Esquire.  Previous books include "Living With Dogs" and "A Gardener's Life".

 Wallpapers and textiles by Thomas Paul

If birds, both inside or out, are your passion, this book is a must have. If you would like a chance to win a copy of the book, courtesy of Carol, please leave a comment below.

Congratulations to Kim who has won a copy of this book! Thanks to everyone for your comments!


Antique Style said…
Can't wait to hear this. I frequently use fabrics with birds in thme, have a birdcage with mohair birds in it...

I love "The Aviary" hanky by Williamsburg marketplace. They used to have it in a line of wallpaper that Charles Faudree used in an entryway in one of his books.

I'm using a pair to make Euroshams for a bed.
Thanks for sharing. You have given many good ideas and books are really good and helpful for readers.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to listen! I love birds . . . cardinals are my personal favorite. For many years my parents' den was wallpapered with a beautiful paper featuring birds among floral vines - twenty years later I can still clearly remember it. Would love to win this book!

This book must be exciting. I love birds. Got to grab a copy soon. Happy New Year!
This book looks fab! I have an old vintage piece of linen with a faded flock of bluebirds flying...but...I also laugh when I hear birds...after the over the top birds everywhere phase...because I always think of "put a bird on it" by portlandia!
Pigtown*Design said…
I was at the D&D bldg in NYC last week and there were birds on everything. I LOVE this!
Pamie G. said…
I never grow tired of birds...I have them everywhere, in my plants, hanging in my lanterns, in a nest with gold eggs and beautiful cardinals, hanging on my Christmas tree, bird feeders, birdbaths, birdhouses wonderful!!! I really would love this book! Thanks you for the opportunity! Pamie G.
Buttonchief7 said…
AM a collector of old nests, robin eggs found in the yard and even a rare hummingbird nest which my dad found. It's under a cloche on a cabbage plate. Have owned the dog book since it first came out. A fav of my too.
Kim said…
What a pretty, pretty book cover. Just heard the interview--very enjoyable. You all do a terrific job bringing us interesting people and topics--thank you.
Sarah said…
Thanks for sharing this. I adore my copy of Living with Dogs. I know I'll enjoy a copy of The Birding Life.
~ Sarah
I've recently bought some canvases featuring birds at Homegoods (hey, a girl has a budget!) My parents, especially my dad, loved birding and I'm discovering I'm incorporating birds in my decor partially as a way to honor them
Pam Staley said…
Hi Moderators,
I have tried to leave a comment three times now. I think it was respectful...I love Carol Sheehan!
I would also love to have a copy of her new book. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong. Everytime I submit, it sends me to blogger, not to google to sign in. I am not even sure you will get this, but I am going to send it anyway.
Hello Ladies! I can't believe this interview is over already, you left me wanting more...
I have three branch styled iron candle sconces in my "Billiards" (converted from dining) room and each has a feather bird perched in them. L.O.V.E.
At Christmas (not quite put away yet..) I have many white feathered birds that come out to celebrate the winter season. Nice to know that I am not alone in my birding life!
I love my Living with Dogs...and just ordered this title. I KNOW I will love this, and might have to order two copies, one for looking at daily, one to save for later, as my Living with Dogs is a wreck by now, like Joni's first copy.

Great interview, ladies!!
xo Lidy
agilborder said…
Carol has long been a favorite of mine. I have all my copies of Country Home still in my shelves and refer to them often. To find that she has a new book that I didn’t know about is truly wonderful. To find, thanks to Cote De Texas that it is about birds and birding, sublime! Thank you so much. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE A COPY OF CAROL’S BOOK!

My house is filled with bird motifs. I love anything to do with birds and even have a very large indoor aviary filled with my feathered friends. My favorite bird motif item is Cavallini’s annual Birds calendar. I have them from several years and even have the accompanying desk calendars. If you are a bird lover and have yet to discover the beautiful bird prints that Cavallini has, you will be thrilled when you see them. All my friends ask where I get all my “one of a kind” bird motifs in my house. I will let you in on my little secret, I have copied several of the images from my past Cavallini calendars to put on fabric, pillows and and curtain borders as well as placemats and napkins. They are always a conversation starter!

I am so delighted to find out that Carol is still busy creating all the things I love. I have all my fingers and toes crossed hoping I am the lucky one to receive her new book. Thank you again for bringing Carol to us, she is a treasure!
P.S. I even got new birding binocs for Christmas….Priceless!

Hope my comment works this time!
Pamela Jo
Kellie Collis said…
Gorgeous wallpaper! Enjoy the lovely week ahead, Kellie xx
Joni, Megan and Linda- This was a fantastic interview. I've fond memories of watching birds with my grandmother, but realize the how symbolic birds are when I started writing my first book and bird references popped up everywhere. Birds are truly gifts and Carol's book looks wonderful.

I will also have to get my hands on Living With Dogs, from the glowing reviews spoken here. In our family we, like Carol, are feeling that "tugging" for a four footed companion...