The Skirted Roundtable

The three of us - Megan, Linda, and Joni are going to throw our voices to airwaves - well, sort of. Each week we will be talking about blogging and interior design - not for too long though - we promise to keep it nice and short and hopefully informative and humorous. We are going to try really hard not to be snarky, but when talking about blogging, we may slip up here and there. We know this radio version of the design blogosphere has been tried a few times before and we're going to add our names to the pioneers. But, instead of going the usual route through blog radio - we'll be taping our discussion ahead of time - so it won't be live. Yeah, we know, you're disappointed - no chance to call in anonymously! But, we do want to hear feedback from the readers and other bloggers, so leave us topics and questions you want us to discuss. Also, we plan on having guest hosts, so if you want to be a part of this, let us know that too. Hopefully this won't be lame - instead it will be something we can all have some fun with, learn something new, and hang out together while you listen to our nasally and whiny voices (not Linda's though - she's got the silkiest vocal cords of us three.) So, is there anything you want us to talk about? Leave a comment and let us know.


I just realized that despite having emailed Joni thousands of times, I have never heard her voice! I look forward to listening to the first installment. As far as topics are concerned, I am sure I will think of at least a dozen after a good night's sleep!
I am so excited to HEAR of your new venture! What great ideas that will float around your 'skirted table'!
Anonymous said…
Constructive critiques should offer a solution... don't beat yourselves up was fun to hear you all...its a process!
Iirna said…
I'm not too sure about skirted tables, but looking at your banner I love them all!
and what a great idea with your 'talk show' :-)
Linda Merrill said…
Anon at 1:06 - you are absolutely right. Constructive criticism should be offered with a solution - great point.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!
Kelly said…
This was a nice alternative to the blogs that I read. I liked hearing all your different points of view on one subject. I'll be tuning in to future discussions.
Pat said…
Fun listening this morning. Wishing you success with The Skirted Table.
Anonymous said…
I’m happy to hear about your new venture. I can’t wait to tune in. One of the topics I would like you to discuss is paint color. I would like to know the tried and true colors you use over and over again. I would also be interested in your favorite white and neutral.

Another topic I hope you will discuss is your favorite places to shop (locally, in each one of your cities and on-line) and if there are any places you frequent for great accessories (not massed produced items) at great prices, if you are willing to share your secrets : )

Good luck! You are all very talented so I know you will do well.
72 and sunny said…
anon 7:21

I love both of these ideas. I'm taking notes!
Vickie H. said…
Nice job putting this idea into action ladies! I follow all 3 of you, although Joni was my first in July of 07. Found her after Googling Lynn Von Kersting and suddenly, there was a link to Cote de Texas! My life changed FOREVER!
It is great to hear your voices! I have gone through phases where I emailed Joni a lot and then other times I just follow her every single day to see who she is watching and hear what she is saying! Linda, I like your work on your Surroundings blog. Megan, you and Joni NEVER SLEEP!

I DO have a question for you all. I have asked this of Victoria Hagan before and didn't really get an answer: do all lamp shades in one room need to be the same color. Most of mine are a neutral
cream sort of, but one small side table has a lamp with a gorgeous muted sage green shade...should I change it?


Karena said…
Great innovative idea! Very proud to be associated with all of you great ladies of the interior design blog world!
Megan, Linda, and Joni, all the best with this new venture!
Best of luck with your new venture! I'd love to be be a guest if you're looking for any input on aging in place or Kosher kitchen topics -- two of my design specialties.
Anonymous said…
Wishing you all the best, ladies. Any tips for creating beautiful homes in this crushing economy?
Anonymous said…
My daughter's sleeping right next to me, so I can't listen yet, but I can't wait. Fantastic idea and I love the name!!!!

I agree, I would love to hear a discussion about favorite paint colors -- "tried and true...."

Also, I'm in a quandary about window coverings, specifically the most stylishly neutral, if you will, for privacy. Love bamboo shades, but are plantation shutters and plantation blinds still okay to use? And what do you use on french doors when you need privacy, but still want some light during the day? Have two sets out to my front porch and would rather people not be able to walk right up and look in, ya know?

These are my big questions for the moment. Hope y'all can help.

Again, love, love the idea. Looking so forward to it.

Mary Ellen said…
I love your blog, Joni and am so excited about the radio show! My latest design dilemma I'd like to suggest as a topic is how to convert a kid's room to a guest room when guests come for a weekend. Right now we kick our six-year-old out of her full-size bed, hide the toys, and switch her books to magazines the guests might like. But we're ready to take the plunge and decorate the room in a way that is appealing to both a little girl and visiting family (grandparents, etc.) What station will you be broadcast on?
LindsB said…
Hi to the three of you! I love this new venture and I just spent the last 45 min listening to what you have discussed so far- such great advice!!

SO, I have a question: On the subject of trends and what goes in and out of style- when looking to update a house, picking out furniture or accessories what should we look for to keep a timeless look? For example you mentioned the Ghost chair. What if we still want to use Lucite or acrylic in a room but don’t want a piece to go out of style in a years time. Is there such a thing, and if so what type of details should we look for to make something timeless?

Another hot topic currently in my life is how to go about blending my boyfriends style with mine. Could you give some professional advice on how you’ve combined couples style before? How did you get them to meet in the middle?

Love this, I can’t wait to hear more!
Anonymous said…
I love Joni and look forward to every post. I am a designer(self taught not A.S.I.D.)more classical in style. My question concerns professional services. I have never seen this discussed in any design blogs I read. I have no support staff. I work in Oklahoma City. I have a substantial portfolio now in commercial,multi family,residential,hospitality and historical renovation. But I constantly have people that ask for my services for free; for the cost of a lunch or to get my name out. Many people want your knowledge, access to trade contacts and time and don't place a value on it. With this economy my commercial consulting work is at a stand still. I would love small one room turnaround projects but would like to know how to charge for it. I would like input from your readers what services they would pay for.
Thanks so much ... I marvel at your generousit and talent.
Janet said…
Very fun. Something a little different.
I'm really excited about this!
Libby said…
I really enjoyed your podcasts! Very interesting & informative, & it is nice that you are all genuine & authentic.

I would love to hear something on what each of you might use in a design project when a house (or room or even office) might need some warmth or texture like dried or faux branch-y/leaf-y/fruit-y/flower-y -ish things. (How's that for a command of language?) My design friends & I struggle to find these that are not tacky. I have a retail store, & our customers look for them, too - I can't even find much of it to sell that I would even have! Or do you not use them at all?

I second the suggestion on favorite paint colors & favorite shopping haunts, too!
Unknown said…
ladies, gotta tell you- i loved that! so much food for thought- and since i've exchanged an email or two with all of you about this very subject, it felt like i was sitting there with you chatting away. kudos all around.

i love that you have all obviously put thought into this issue (like me)- it's such a fine line between having a opinion, and being a you-know-what, and putting yourself out out there, and just not saying ANYTHING at all. we have to have some sort of voice on our blogs, or why bother?

i guess all we can do is each try in our own way to hold true to our own standards, and define for ourselves (and our blogs) what is and isn't appropriate.

again, LOVED what y'all had to say and i loved that y'all cared enough to say it!
Joni sent me over, and I'm so glad she did. The hard part for me was that I wanted to jump in there and chat with "ya'll"! "Snarky" is one of my favorite topics to discuss! As far as posting pix of the work you do, I've never felt that a designer who posts her work is looking for accolades, but giving her readers great ideas and inspiration. I LOVE to see a designer's work. We all buy shelter magazines and coffee table books. Why wouldn't we want the same when we visit a blog? You just made yourselves sound so "down to earth" and like you were having fun. I'll definitely be back for more. laurie
Boxwood Terrace said…
I just listened to your podcasts while ironing my linen napkins. Really having friends over, but not having to worry about entertaining them...just listening and thinking on my part, which is nice after a day at the office. Good luck with this new venture. I'll be listening again!
Pigtown*Design said…
Great job!!!! Had to wait until I got home from work to listen, but it was worth the wait.
Anonymous said…
I look forward to listening to you three! I would love to hear about window treatments. What kind of pleating and fabrics are your favorites for drapes? What style of roman shades and fabrics do you prefer? Do you prefer drapes that extend to the crown moulding like all the designers do in magazines? What do you think of ready made drapes from Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware? In other words, do you think window treatments are important enough to a room's design to warrant spending a fortune on custom drapes or do you think a ready made can do the trick?
cotedetexas said…
Vickie H: email me at!!!!

What a wonderful idea! I'm looking forward to it. Love the name, too! best, -susan
Linda Merrill said…
Vicky H - thanks for your kind comments! As for shades - I would say no, they don't all have to match. There should be some kind of relationship and mixing whites/off-whites is tricky. But, if you have a decorative lamp and shade that stand alone - then they become like an accessory that stands by itself, as opposed to matchy-matchy shades that are looking to blend in. Make sense?
Anonymous said…
All you do is agree with one another.
72 and sunny said…
just wait until next week when I bitch slap joni and put linda in her place once and for all.
Linda Merrill said…
Bring it on, sistah!
Olivia said…
Hi Ladies,

Something I'm curious to hear your opinions on: do you think a genre of blogging such as design has a saturation point - can there be too many blogs about design?

In a related question, how do people just joining the rank and file of design bloggers keep their blog fresh and new - we all know we love to look at pretty pictures, but how do we mix it up? (Or do we even need to?)
My Notting Hill said…
Great name! Have already listened to the two shows and and am looking forward to the next. Ran into a friend last night (she's a fellow design enthusiast) and we spent 20 minutes talking about the two shows. For the next show we're going to meet up and listen together w/a glass of wine!
Did you know that you '3' are some of my best blog friends, readers and commenters? You are! Megan was the very first blogger who linked me and Joni followed a day or two later. Linda has always and continues to leave such terrific comments on Liberty Post. Is it O.K. with you gals if I name drop every time I talk about blogging?: 'Ya, I know them'. Ha!
Willow Decor said…
What an exciting new venture!! So happy for you and can't wait to hear every word!!
This is going to be great fun!!
katiedid said…
This was sooooo fun! So glad you are all "on the air" And that I can listen whenever. I just had you up and running while getting some work done at the same time.

Opinion: I think there is a way to design that is timeless and will not date. Look at Albert Hadley for example. It is the mixing up of lots of styles that happen to be classic, whether modern or antique, and throwing in a couple of quirky things with personality. I think it just happens to be very hard to many interiors don't get there. That is why some designers have become known as "masters". Eek...too much opinion I think. Sorry!

And loved the opinions on the snark!

I would much rather listen to you all. I will be back often!!!!
katiedid said…
P.S. Skirted Round Table....perfect!!!!
Love this idea! I've been on break, and I'm going to play catch up on your talks now. Break a leg, ladies! :-)

P.S. Oh, how I love that room in the photo!