Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everything You Wanted To Know About Paint

This week on The Skirted Roundtable, Linda, Megan and Joni talk about choosing a paint color for the interior of your house. We would love to have you listen in on the discussion and then leave your comments about your favorite paint colors - or paint colors to totally avoid!


Megan said...

Loved the discussion on colour - personal palette is a great consideration. I sell quilting fabrics by mail - often when I cut a selection I have a strong impression on whether the person is a brunette or a redhead or a blonde - it's so interesting! Instinct in choosing colours is great - in quilting I often see people start to edit/ doubt themselves as they mentally process someone else's "rules".
I think White is one of the hardest colours to do as those undertones are so obvious and more light sensitive than other more solid colours. I often see what I would call grey white interiors that I think would not necessarily be very flattering as they would drain the colour out of your face - a bit like seeing your face without makeup in the early morning light!
Maybe you could have a round two and talk about how the light and changes in light (daylight and ambient light and fixtures) affect the perception of colour. For example a colour will look very different under yellow incandescent bulbs versus blue light of halogen etc.
Also maybe colour discussion (3) might be about choosing accent colours and proportions (for example a big difference between a wall colour and a cushion colour).
Thanks ladies!


Gee, no mention of Joni's black doors - gloss or satin or semi-gloss ! (just kidding...but I would love to know..and what black). It was great listening to you in one browser and quickly surfing between all 3 of your blogs for colour topics, Sally Wheats rooms etc. A follow up post with your Top 5 colour chips for each of you (photos) would be perfect! Thanks Ladies! Off topic a bit..does Sally Wheat have a website?

Pigtown-Design said...

It took me ages to realize what colours looked good on my, a very dark haired, dark eyed gal. I thought black made me look sallow until I had to wear a black t-shirt from something. Everyone said how good I was looking, so I started experimenting with a little here and there. No pastels, no muddy colours, just clear colours and lots of black!

Elizgonz said...

I'm really enjoying your discussions. I'm a huge fan of BM Rhine River. I have it in my bedroom and love it. My painter mistakenly put it in my daughter's room, too, but I went ahead and left it alone because it's just so pretty. I get so many compliments on the color.

Linda Merrill said...

Megan - those are great suggestions, thanks! And yes - a grey white wall is a lot like seeing yourself sans makeup first thing in the morning. Not pretty (well, speaking for myself only, of course!).

Liberty Post - that's another great idea for a followup, thanks!

Pigtown - it is important to pay attention to when we receive compliments from others and be willing to change our pre-conceived notions about what looks good on us. I once worked with a woman who commented that I looked good in every color - but the fact was that I only wore colors I knew I look good in. Mustard yellows, pale pinks and peaches are blech on me - so I never wear them.

Linda Merrill said...

Elizgonz - another Rhine River fan! Love it! Here's a link to the room I had done in it:

It's the "Elegant Bedroom" images.

Cote de Texas said...

Linda - that bedroom is heavenly! I love the color and what a view - it really does look like the room is the same color as the water! beautiful!

Linda Merrill said...

Thanks Joni! Actually, I loved it so much that I put one of the pics on my biz cards and the card background is that color as well.

VictoriaArt said...

This discussion was right up my alley so to speak.It touched on quite a few subjects,color choices,
client satisfaction or the lack of it, convincing of clients to choose the 'right' color...
I just happen to go through some difficulty with some client and it's been tough going so far and actually Maria Killam (Color me Happy)gave me some advise as how to deal with a certain situation. She has such understanding of color. I admire her posts, and I can't wait to hear her on the Roundtable, if you'll have her! Truthfully I would so like to sit with you all and just listening to you is tremendous fun!

Thank you all again!

beachbungalow8 said...

Linda, I love that room! so pretty. I'm ear marking that color.

the other megan, I agree, we didn't really discuss how different color looks throughout the day, depending on light bulb choice, sunlight etc. Great point!

Maria Killam said...

Hi Ladies,
Joni (thanks for the mention in this one) your talk on paint colours gave me an idea for a post. The piece about paying for a room to be re-painted. . . stay tuned :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the discussion, but was shocked by what you said about using shades of white. All of the famous and well known architects and designers are using them, Bobby McAlpine, Pam Pierce, Renea Abbott even Charles Faudree and Betty Lou have gone more neutral!
Joni featured a blogger that painted everything antique white and totally changed the look of her house. Velvet & Linen blogger is using alot more white in her decorating. I've been a color girl myself but have just started using more neutrals, I did a young single
clients Master bed & bath this week, we used travertine on the floors, Beadboard ceilings painted
BM oxford white, walls stone hearth, and reversed it in the bath
it is stunning! Tina

Linda Merrill said...

Hi Anon at 8:28. I think the point we were trying to make is that white is a fabulous choice if done well. We weren't suggesting that it's not "in" or anything. Just that many people get scared of color and stick with white as a safe choice. However, our views were that white isn't "safe" at all. I'm sure your recent project is gorgeous - would love to see it!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what color you used in your family room? It's lovely.
Thanks in advance. said...

When I repainted my entire house last year, we decided to use only non-VOC paint and to use the most environmentally friendly products we could. We went with Yolo Colorhouse, who at the time, had even fewer colors available than they have now. We were limited in a way but it worked out wonderfully. The palate was chosen for us, the paint was super high quality and didn't make me ill. Everyone comments on how much they love our candy-colored brights and they're so much fun to live with.

Right now I'm rug shopping for my office and again, I'm searching for an environmentally friendly piece. I might not have as many color and material options but I can't wait to see what I end up with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for doing this post. Paint is one of the most difficult things to choose when decorating and it most definitely can make or break a room. And I think it must be tricky for designers as well -- some people just have an eye for color, it's a gift.

And I agree with Liberty Post, a follow up and top five color choices would be perfect.

Thank you!

diana said...

This is a fabulous forum.... love listening to you.
I love very neutral walls and bright artwork. Love Pratt and Lambert... I have used seed pearl for trim and ancestral for walls. I would love to know of a color with a hint of blue grey to paint a celing. Anyhoo
thanks to all 3 of you this is awesome!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Great work as always ladies! Do they sell Flamant paint in the USA?I've had excellent luck using their colors both personally and professionally. What I like about them is how "natural" they appear -even when you're not in their earthy color family!

I really agree with your thoughts on decorating to suit your coloring. One of things I ask clients the first time I visit their home is "Can I see your closet?!" With Europeans, asking to go to the toilet can be an imposition - so you can imagine how this goes over if I don't explain myself!!! But I find seeing someones wardrobe tells me so much about the person, the type of fabrics they like, if they are flash or low key, name brand or bargain shopper, their style etc. More of more of my clietns are American expats who move to Europe for a few years (or buy a pied a terre) and only bring a few of their own posessions with them - so I find it really difficult to get a "feel" for them by an inital walk thru into their home as many of the homes have a few ikea temporary living pieces and that's it - which makes it great fun to go shopping with them, but difficult when they are describing what they like about their 3500ft2 home in the USA and discussing decorating their 400ft2 apartment in Paris! A wardrobe reveals so many things -- with one client who was gaga over Hermes I convinced her to paint her office a shade darker than Hermes Orange - a color I would have never suggested without seeing her closet! It's suits her to a T and she's a "Fall brunette" and looks stunning in the room! With another client who owned about 50 Chanel (mostly in the style of) jackets we ended up using Coco's room at the Ritz as a jumping board for decor! For me, I find it difficult to decorate for someone I've just met and a sneak into their closet gives me some brainstorming ideas to throw out as we're walking around the house or antique market!

Also, clients often have one or two colors in mind they want to decorate with but by seeing their closet you get a feel for other colors they like which helps when building the color family and recommending other fabrics!

I really enjoyed the discussion today. Thanks!


[ 3 d b l u r ] said...
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[ 3 d b l u r ] said...

I always always buy quarts and test before committing to a gallon... and then I custom mix if need be. An interesting option is: paint the cabinets/millwork and leave the walls neutral... Thanks Megan, Joni & Linda enjoying your lively and fun vlogs!