Guest blogger, Patricia Shackelford of 'Mrs. Blandings' drops by to chat

This week on The Skirted Round Table, Patricia Shackelford, a.k.a. Mrs. Blandings, stops by to discuss blogging, the experience of blogging and what inspires the woman behind the character. Are they one in the same? Or merely a aspect of one.


Terry said…
Thanks for the new voice. About the Mrs. Blandings character:

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." ~ Oscar Wilde "To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up". ~Oscar Wilde
I am a mid-sixties grandmother living in the South who two months ago had never heard of a Blog.I have to say, I certainly had more free time before this discovery!! My daughters gave me a short list to follow-Mrs. Blandings being one of them. Not only am I thoroughly enjoying them, but I am learning SO much and have greatly expanded the short list. Thanks for the interview with Patricia. I loved the conversation!
Fun to have a guest blogger...I would love it if you would link to their blogs so we can easily peruse while listening.

Off to look at her blog! Thanks gals!
Linda Merrill said…
Hi Linda - thanks for suggesting the link, I've added it!

Hi Sophie - yes, blogs are fun and educational, but, a big time commitment!

Terry - I love that - be yourself, everyone else is taken!
Maria Killam said…
That was so much fun! Loved hearing about the background of how she got started. Thanks for the great tip on getting local readership!
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this week's Skirted Roundtable! Patricia, Joni, and I all started blogging the summer of '07, and it is interesting to see (and hear) how far design blogs have come over the past two years.
La Maison Fou said…
Good post..interesting listening and thank you for posting the URL so we can catch up on the blog while we listen!
I enjoyed the topic today, it is always interesting to listen to different bloggers stories and what drives them to blog.
Lamaisonfou blog
Loved hearing Patricia speak. She is a very talented writer. As always, I feel horribly inadequate after listening to the pros.
Terry said…
What I enjoyed most, was at 17:10 "does blogging affect your design style?" I would ask that of all bloggers, readers, and commenters.

I liked the answer too: Less trendy, more classics. With so much design media out there, new trends are the least interesting to me, particularly when they seem to be design trends for real estate marketing and for spec houses.
Kitty said…
I'm in love with Mrs. Blandings' boxer. Couldn't keep myself from mentioning it! Love, kitty.
Great roundtable...looking forward to checking out Patricia's blog!
It is so great to listen to you girls, I just Love it,,, Now when are we going to have Live Feed??
(If thats what you call it) anyway, Love Patricia, the discussion was helpful. By the way, Patricia has to be a great lady, she owns a Boxer!!!and what a sweet boxer she or he is.
I loved that you had a guest on the skirted round table. I am not reading Mrs. Blandings, but will now be checking her out... As a lover of boxers, I already know she has great taste. thanks
tarheel said…
Oh y'all, that was great- thanks! Mrs. Blandings is my first read every day {is it sad that my husband and 3 kids all know all about Mrs. Blandings?!!}, and it was a treat to hear Patricia talk about her blog. Her writing is WONDERFUL- so witty and clever and often poignant. I loved this.
Unknown said…
It is so inspiring to listen to you all and especially with Patricia as a guest, it is nice to put another voice into your circle...
I love her blog, so much character!
It feels like having a good conversation with girlfriends, I have been laughing out loud and
had my cup of coffee too!
You are a delight, please keep all going!
The best thing about this podcast was that you (all) revealed (and admitted) the truth. The truth about blogger burnout and doubt and blog-addiction and bloglove and blogging passion and second-guessing oneself. Bravo. Now we all know that we are not alone. Thank You.
Chandy said…
Great interview with Patricia! And thank you for the great tips as well on building your audience.

Coming from Susan's (Between Naps)
Beth Connolly said…
Another great one. I learn from each one-thank you. You have touched several times on negative comments and especially coming from anonymous readers. I have two blogs and I do not allow anonymous comments and I moderate comments and the few negative or crazy ones I've gotten I have rejected. My thoughts are that anonymous comments have kind of a stalker creepiness to them that I don't like. As for negative comments, one thing I love about blogging is the positive energy. I don't want to give a voice to unhappy people who visit blogs that people spend a great deal of time and energy on for no money to be bitchy and negative. Your thoughts? Why don't you guys reject anonymous and negative comments? Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't care about the number of comments, but more the quality. I try to do outstanding posts on both blogs 7 days a week and build loyal readers one at a time.
Lady Katherine said…
I enjoyed listening in on the Skirted Round Table today. You all had a lot of great points and information, especially about comments. Really fun hearing your voices. Looking forward to hearing more,and love the discussion with Mrs. Blandings, aka Patrica, will love checking out her blog.
Lady Katherine said…
Linda, I Hubby is watching the race and came brought me earphones. lol I kept telling him I knew your face from somewhere, I went to my blog and started going through my comments. Yes, you were there. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I guess your post today says it ALL you do not get to respond to everyone. Yes, I feel guilty, days are long enough to visit everyone. Thanks for the great tips!
Beth Connolly said…
Have you considered posting the topic ahead of time and letting people submit questions?
Beth Connolly said…
Topic suggestion-Why Do We Blog?
pve design said…
It is always fun to "hear" the actual voice behind the blog. Having met your special guest, "Mrs.Blandings" she lives up to her persona and so does her boxer.
I "LUVED" this conversation! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that even the great and popular bloggers have the same thoughts and concerns that we little bloggers have! I have had the exact thoughts that the four of you expressed in this conversation. The "why am I doing this" is a major question for me every day since I began blogging! Thanks for letting me know that everyone has those thoughts. On the topic of bloggers who just quit without any notification, I did a post about that subject, because a blogger I visited had disappeared. I had left comments and emailed her, with no response. 2 months later, one of her children emailed me and let me know that she had died, and they didn't know how to get into her blog or her emails to let anyone know. If a blogger stops posting, or hasn't posted in several weeks, I began to worry. I feel very betrayed if I've been a faithful visitor, and a blogger stops blogging without letting her readers know it. Thanks for letting us listen in to your great conversations! laurie
Teacats said…
Another brillant podcast!! And many thanks for letting us in on some of Mrs. B's secrets -- she is a wonderful storyteller and writer. And believe me -- you simply can't quit blogging -- because I would hound you! (think of a pitbull with a martini) I have learned so much from each of you -- enjoyed your wit and wisdom and kindness to invite us to your homes. Before blogging -- I would read decor magazines and books and feel so lonely. I had questions (way too many!) and comments (ditto!) about so many of the ideas, designs, products, colors and design philosophies. Why did the designer choose THAT color? How did they put together that tablescape? Is there a great story behind the choices? Does anyone EVER spill anything in their gorgeous rooms? And now -- there is a community (well -- maybe a cult -- LOL!) of like-minded souls. So know that your fandom sits and waits each day -- in sheer awe and complete gratitude.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage
Alexis Ceule said…
Great podcast and Patricia is a perfect first guest. :)
Anonymous said…
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SO interesting!! What a brilliant idea you all had to do this. Love the format.