Guest Bloggers: Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar

This week, we are joined by Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar of! We spoke about their backgrounds, their blog and big plans for the future!


Well, this discussion was pretty much the perfect storm. I am a big Eddie Ross fan and loved hearing more about how he and Jaithan work it all out behind-the-scenes. The Twitter party was a stroke of genius too. I hope to see more (and hear more). Great job RT!
Love this one!! Great discussion, with a wonderful injection of knowledge, creativity and inspiration. ps. Joni, if you give a twitter party, everyone will follow you.:)
Dianne said…
Eddie is the best! I have emailed him several times for opinions and he has always given me an honest and very detailed answer. I was always surprised at the time he took to answer me. Always thoughtful and very fun!!!!
THAT was such fun...I was riveted and didn't even realize the water was boiling over! Oy!

What a great team they are...and amazing how they have segued their blog into sooo many directions!

Bravo SRT!! Bravo!
Terry said…
Thanks so much. You can't get this across in the written words. From the Maltese Falcon: "I love to talk to a man who loves to talk."
Terry said…
P.S. I just Tweeted this.
Shandell's said…
Love this concept, Eddie & Jaithan are the BEST.
Two of my favorite guys! Loved listening to both of you on the podcast. Always great to hear your ideas and inspirations.
Teacats said…
Another HUGE fan of Eddie and Jaithan -- they are the most creative and charming (and cute!) guys on the whole Web! And many many Happiest of birthdays to Jaithan on July 1st too! Thanks for having them on your show! I'm NOT tech adept enough to do Twitter -- but I try to follow them on their blog!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage
Lauren said…
that was great!!! LOVE eddie & jaithan!!! :)

they're always onto creating something new & exciting!! I met them at their very first flea market tour & my husband & I have have been friends with them since. They'e some of the warmest, most inclusive & fun friends I've met in blogland. loved hearing how you all connect too!! :)

Anonymous said…
That was lovely. It's so nice to hear your voices after reading your blogs all the time. And especially nice to hear Jaithan's voice since he's always been the mysterious guy behind the scenes.

I'm so glad things are working out so well for you, Eddie and Jaithan. You've got "it" and it is going to be so much fun following your careers.

All the best to all of you and thanks to the fab Skirted Rountable team for doing this. It's just as innovative as that super cool Twitter luncheon I virtually went to (and set up, served and washed the dishes for) last Thursday!
Sarah's Fab Day said…
This was such a fun post! I loved listening to everything they shared, so honest and informative. I adore them so that didn't hurt either.

Thanks so much for the fun listen.
AnneHH said…
I could not have enjoyed that more--so glad that you had them both on. Your questions were excellent and I really appreciated that you gave Eddie time to talk and that we heard about what is ahead for that TALENTED twosome.
pve design said…
I adore Eddie and Jaithan - such love and desire for bringing things home, making one feel at home and just showing passion for their work.
This interview was Brilliant!! The best skirted round table yet!!! In fact, it was soooo good I listened to it twice!
katiedid said…
Always fun to hesr what the boys are up to. Hmmmm....they are in SF in August eh?
Lylah Ledner said…
What a delightful show. Keep em coming!
Enjoyed hearing Eddie and Jaithan talk about their adventures and upcoming plans. They are so nice to share...and so humble...what great guys!
Renae Moore said…
I enjoyed that! Thanks...
Kathysue said…
I so enjoyed this interview. Eddie and Jaithan are wonderfully talented men. They have inspired me since I discovered the blog and now I am a faithful follower. You all asked the questions I would have loved to ask. I am so glad to find out what they will be doing in the future. Joni, You are so humble, I think you are a Blog Icon in your own right, I love your blog and love all that you do. Great Job Ladies. Kathysue
Something struck me: They "wanted to be their own Editors" and this is exactly why I started blogging. I knew I had the talent to produce and photograph and style and write and the blog gave me that opportunity. Jaithan and Eddie are true visionaries; down to earth, real, authentic, open - easy to relate to - fun, happy, innovative. Thank you so much for having them on your radio show. I enjoyed it very much. And as always, the questions you Ladies ask lead me to new ideas and information. I sent a twitpic while I listened to the show! (I was also so thrilled today that Eddie and I became friends on Facebook!) What an incredible frontier we have all created! Exhilarating isn't it! Liberty Post
What a fun conversation! The 5 of you just seemed to be having a blast, which made it so much fun to listen to. Thanks. laurie
LindsB said…
Wow, those two have so much going for them- I cant wait to see what they come up with next!!
La Maison Fou said…
Love the E&J 1/2 hour!
Great discussion!
Kate Riley said…
Hi Eddie and Jaithan - great interview. Glad to hear you'll be in the Bay Area in early August.

Let me know if you've got a few hours to visit Sonoma - we'd love to take you to see some hidden antiques, high end salvage, and beautiful wineries.