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This week The Skirted Roundtable dissects the cover story of House Beautiful, the August issue. "WHAT MAKES A ROOM GREAT?" - the magazine asked and we answered! Hear what Linda, Megan and Joni have to say about Kips Bay's most talked about room this year - the Bunny Williams All In One Room. And just for good measure, we give Joe Nye's small apartment, also featured in the issue, a good go-over too. Find out which story we all loved, and which one we all...well, let's just say, we didn't quite "get" it!


Bunny's All In One Room - looking towards the fireplace.

Looking towards the window wall.

A view towards the right side wall.

A view towards the back wall, showing the dining table and breakfront.

Close-up view of window wall.

Close-up view of sofa and pillows.

The table all set for a meal.

Another view of the table and breakfront.


Joe Nye's very small apartment - the living room.

The dining area to the right of the living area.

The living and dining area.

The bedroom.

Another view of the bedroom.

Images courtesy of House Beautiful and Maria Quiroga, and various sites here.


Pigtown*Design said…
You all are brilliant! Another terrific broadcast.

I love you laughing at how small Joe Nye's apartment is! My house is about that size!
Boxwood Terrace said…
I don't care for these rooms. Everything jumbles together and after looking at the rooms, I can't remember one thing that stands out in my mind. I have to say that when Bunny Williams started her own line of furnishings, that killed the look for me. How long until Pottery Barn comes out with a version of that huge white floral plaque hanging above the sofa?
Terry said…
This is great: a way to concentrate a bunch of folks on a single thing. To have some actual criticism is a total breath of fresh air. Way, way more fun when you don't agree.

I'm not crazy about the Bunny room. It looks like an exhibit, not a place to live. Luckily, I don't know anything about theory or practice.

Nye's place looks cozy, human scaled, and comfortable to me. I wouldn't feel comfortable in Bunny's room by myself. I'd keep running into things and knocking them over. A table for 2 is more to my liking than a table for 8.

The pink just seems to be in the middle of everything and I'm not sure what I mean by middle. The images conceal how small the place really is.

Is there a politics in the magazines: one designer showing up another? An emperor's new clothes? Does the Bunny room really look like this except in the shoot?
72 and sunny said…
My little bungalow is only 2 times as big as Joe's- and there are 4 of us and two giant dogs. Some how it doesn't look this fabulous though!

ya know, it's not that much fun if we all agree, all of the time about everything. right?
72 and sunny said…
btw, boxwood, you're SO right. how long?
Terry said…
Well y'all were singing Nye praises in near perfect harmony so I'm glad y'all have Bunny to kick around this time. That's something that won't happen very often.
Linda Merrill said…
Thanks everyone! And, just to set the record straight - we weren't so much laughing at the 900 sq. ft. as much as when Megan first said 9,000 sq. ft. So, 900 seemed funny after that! My condo is 1,200, so I know small as well.

And, we loved the fact we disagreed!!
yasmin said…
Well, I had my belly laugh for the day. You are funny, funny girls. Yes, the Bunny Williams room is a mess. Small is way in.
I am NOT a matchy person... but this is just "design on crack". Was the objection to see how much of her own line she could use? Too Much and trying too hard to be cool... I give it 2* , I never like to give 1*.
I don't care for the Bunny Williams room, not one bit. I happen to like Bunny Williams, just not this room! Too much! I really kept trying to see something, here, but to no avail. Not being snarky, just giving my honest opinion.

The Nye rooms, on the other hand, seem to be beautifully put together.
Michelle said…
I remember getting this issue, and putting my thumb over that egg chair...and I normally LOVE the egg chair. I think I said something out loud, like hmmm, or wow, or maybe even WHAT? Yet, it was the cover that sucked me into buying it.

After running upstairs this morning to fetch my copy from under the laundry pile in my bedroom...lol...I fell in love again with HB. Has anyone else noticed the quality of spaces in Veranda and HB (amoung others) is getting better?

Truthfully, I am not a fan of Bunny Williams' style...thank goodness there is room for all of us...but I have to give it to her...she he guts...good for her for shaking things up a bit in the world of bergere. Maybe by just being of good design makes these pieces mixable?

Joe Nye, well...still a bit bergere, but less stuffy, and looks like it was built over time...the linen and casual symmetry make me feel comfortable. Linda, I agree, the side shot of the living room is less cluttered, and against those rust coloured drapes...stunning.

The books, mirrors and art are my favs on Joe's place. He has used them all in a casual way.

Great conversation...thanks for having coffee with me this morning :)
Michelle said…
After reading my comment, I didn't state the obvious; Bunny's room is a showhouse, and Joe lives in his space...I think that is worth noting...

Have a great day ladies!!

Linda Merrill said…
Hi Michelle - well, you are right there - it's hard to compare a showhouse with a real space. On the other hand, HB presented the showhouse space as a real space, we just took it from there!
Jen West Design said…
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Karena said…
I love this discourse, my condo is 1300 sq feet so I see Joe's as a perfectly comfy home. Not crazy about his bedroom. It may be one I would have to see in person.

Bunny is adored and I do love her designs. In fact gave her latest book to one of my interior designer friends. This is over the top though. It is almost like "let's throw this in and lets add this too"
kmack said…
Can famous designers veer from what they are known for and be successful?

I think that is the question. My answer is , a very vehemant "no!". No more than an oil painter can pick up a water color brush and create a masterpiece.

I'm sure Ms. Williams is trying to play off Madame Cataing's element of tension in the room, but it is a fine art that is a gift. Some have the gift, some don't. It cannot be taught, and requires an intimate knowledge of the unseen, of people, of pyschology.

The red egg is way too predictable to create a masterpiece. she might as well have thrown in a lime green bean bag chair. At least it would have been on the same side of the color wheel.
the question on the magazine cover: "What makes a great room?" is appropriate. we all are drawn to examine what works in this room, and what doesn't. imho, anyone who thinks the red egg chair is genius needs to examine whether they are independent thinkers.

I was also unimpressed by Charles Faudree's attempt last month at an eclectic look. He does country french so well---put down the watercolor brush and stick with the oils.

I'm not opinionated, am I?
cindy hattersley said…
So glad you all tackled this! I agree with the previous posters. Normally I love Bunny Williams work. You gotta hand it to her for having the guts to do what she did. I just don't get it! There are plenty of elements in the room to love it is just the whole unit comibined is not appealing to me.
down pillow said…
Ah, I'm loving the giggles and jabs. Very entertaining. I agree... not quite the Bunny Williams I know and love. But worth a look.
Anonymous said…
The problem with this room is the extravagance of it all. It's just too much, and the red chair seems to be an afterthought and just sticks out like a sore thumb. Right now big and overdone is just not where we are going, small and cozy and collected over time like the small apartment is so "in".
Anonymous said…
An older decorating, trying a little desperately to bring in the Jonathan Adler demographic.
Anonymous said…

An older decoraTOR...
ennistbp said…
I didn't like this HB cover either, and I usually gasp with delight when my HB arrives. The editors must have disagreed on its merit as well; thus the "it's great because...?" I also don't like the blue walls, even though blue is my favorite color. One positive comment I have is that this room is one of the few HB has featured that actually looks like what most people's spaces really look like--we tend to buy items we like over time, and we (and our spouses) like more than one style, so we throw it all together and just live with it!
Anonymous said…
I can't agree more with you all about Bunny Williams' room. You know, when this HB arrived, my first thought was, "Is Cote going to tackle this? Because someone needs to say something!" So, thanks! I think that egg chair looks like someone rolled it over from the office across the hall so they could take part in the conversation going on in the living room. I admit, I admire her for saying she put it there because she FELT LIKE IT, but part of me took this room as kind of arrogant-- did she care about it or was she just trying to throw some things together before she left for vacation or what? But the more I thought about it, I had to give her a little credit for it.
Because as much as I disliked this room, maybe she just thought that since it's NOT for an actual client who has to live with it, maybe she should just say to hell with her usual rules and ideas, why not try something totally different and see what happens? Well, it didn't work, but with her resume, let's give her a pass for trying something out of her normal comfort zone.
Another thought-- I remember reading an article a few years ago about Mario Buatta and he talked about how he was heavily criticized for a Kips Bay room he did that totally veered from his normal look. After that, he stuck to his chintz, etc., but at least he stepped out of his box a little!
Elizabeth said…
I'm so relieved to hear this! I was so put off by this HB cover that I didn't buy the magazine this month. In my opinion, HB deserves the criticism for trying to shove this room down our throats (on the cover!)while they do BW the favor of promoting her line.
Another great discussion! Love this idea of reviewing monthly magazine spreads. I think my biggest issue here is the coffee table. It is way too chunky for me against the sofas. But I do love the textiles and pillows with the egg chair thrown in. As far as Joe Nye's room...I think it is the paint color here that ties it all together so beautifully.
Teacats said…
Wonderful discussion! Did NOT like the Bunny Williams room at all! Too jarring and jumbled as if her publicist said "try to fit in as much of your new collection as possible! Go modern so the stuff will sell!" What did you think of the TV by the dining table? Can't imagine watching a long movie sitting in those chairs! And the Red Egg is simply wrong -- if you take your finger and cover it on the photo -- then the room seems to work a bit better!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage (a HUGE fan of Williams' "An Affair with A House!")
I always loved the Jacobsen chair but in this case it does NOT work (besides I am not really fond of Bunny Williams' style in general).
When I first saw Nye's place instead I felt "at home" and I spent lots of time analyzing the rooms.
I truly enjoyed every moment of the conversation, flipping pages with you all. What a great idea you had, hope we'll share more of this. Thanks!
hello gorgeous said…
I had the exact same reaction as Megan! My thought was that they couldn't think of another reason! (I didn't like it either.)

And I liked the idea of the egg chair but maybe in leopard. Red made no sense to me. And the red backs of the blue chairs were awful. Also, Emma Jane Pilkington did the egg chair in a traditional room in leopard years ago - it's not a novel idea.

However, I LOVE HB and buy it always!!!

Keep on keeping on, ladies.
Anonymous said…
If you think about it,

"This room is great because Bunny Williams decorated it"

is damning with faint praise. It's like admitting "...and we can't think of any other reason you'd call it 'great.' "
Standing ovation! Love this podcast/post! You guys said sooo many things that I thought but wouldn't have ever known why or how to word it. Loved hearing your thoughts and opinions. I totally agree on your Bunny Williams room assessment...and I usually adore her rooms. Maybe she was going for shock and awe in this room...who knows? Adore Joe Nye's living room. One thing I didn't hear you mention that I do love is how the blue pillows pull out the blue books...it just seems to soften the whole backdrop of the books/bookshelves behind. Love the artwork leaning on the wall on top of the shelves and loved Megan's analogy/theory of how it might have come to be in this room. LOVE that room! LOVE this post!
Vickie H. said…
Such an interesting post, ladies! I thoroughly enjoyed your comments. Megan, I agree with you, just too too much going on in her room. She has some exquisite pieces and art and yet I don't really "enjoy" the rooms energy at all! Usually I am taking a magnifying glass to her rooms to note EVERYTHING. I think we all feel this is not her best effort, in spite of what HB says. The very last "Anonymous" comment about 'faint praise' resonated with me. I confess to being "awe-struck" by Joe Nye's apartment. I didn't hear either of you mention the mirrored wall behind the bookshelves and I thought it was a perfect treatment for the space.....but then...it was ALL perfect. Just got September's HB...quickly flipped through....mostly love this one.
You girls have hit such a home run with TSR!
Vickie H. said…
Such an interesting post, ladies! I thoroughly enjoyed your comments. Megan, I agree with you, just too too much going on in her room. She has some exquisite pieces and art and yet I don't really "enjoy" the rooms energy at all! Usually I am taking a magnifying glass to her rooms to note EVERYTHING. I think we all feel this is not her best effort, in spite of what HB says. The very last "Anonymous" comment about 'faint praise' resonated with me. I confess to being "awe-struck" by Joe Nye's apartment. I didn't hear either of you mention the mirrored wall behind the bookshelves and I thought it was a perfect treatment for the space.....but then...it was ALL perfect. Just got September's HB...quickly flipped through....mostly love this one.
You girls have hit such a home run with TSR!
Anonymous said…
OK< OK.......it is not seagrass and slips! Bunny Williams is the best of the best. So rude of you all to beat her up....she is such a lady.
Linda Merrill said…
Dear Anon on 8/7 at 6:57 AM - I'm sorry that you believe that our lively critique is akin to beating Miss Williams up. I believe we took pains to acknowledge our respect for her place as one of the best of the best - I believe Joni was very clear on that point - as were we all. And I believe that I was very clear when I said that not liking something is not a condemnation of the design or the person. Our issue, in the main, was the House Beautiful contention of greatness with regards to this design and we had different opinions.

I was hoping for a vigorous debate on the pros and cons of the room and we have received very few positive commentary. What do you love about this room? We'd love to hear support for this design and for someone to educate us in what we (and many others) clearly missed. What say you?
I have a post up now that is alot like this one... I would love for you gals to give me your thoughts on it, as it is getting debated right on both sides.
Anonymous said…
The blue of the walls is pretty, in and of itself, but here it just reads as desperate, a "Look at me! Being bold!" thing.

All in all, the room looks poorly controlled.
Saffronia said…
I love your blog articles and broadcasts. Thank you so much! I quite agree with you that House Beautiful could have found a much better headline than "it's great because it's by Bunny Williams." As gifted as Bunny is, and she usually hits a home run, the statement doesn't teach the readers anything. It's also a bit elitist, as you pointed out. Not every reader has heard Bunny Williams' name. I covered this article in my blog on July 10 and gave the room a favorable review. My goal was to describe why the designer might have made the choices she made. I do love the wall color, the huge botanicals, and the fabric combination on the couches. Thanks again for your wonderful blog.
72 and sunny said…
anon 6:57 ~ I'm not sure that saying her WORK {not her personally} is perfect 99.9% of the time, would exactly be qualified as beating her up.

And I can't remember any of us even pretending to know her personally. I'm sure she is a lovely lady. no doubt.

We made great efforts to support the idea that she's one of the greats for a good reason.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed this particular segment of the round table. All of you girls contributed great insight into the discussion.

Over all I was disappointed in Bunny Williams presentation. She is an exceptional interior designer but this particular work did not excite me. My heart rate did not increase with viewing each photo shot ... my head did not dizzy me with visions of applications in my own home ... instead I was left flat ... disappointed and demoralized. In fact, I refused to purchase the magazine after thumbing through it a few weeks back. A lesson in marketing ... if the public does not care for what is being presented ... profits fall and magazines go out of business. It is as painful and plain and prophetic as that.
Anonymous said…
"if the public does not care for what is being presented ... profits fall and magazines go out of business. It is as painful and plain and prophetic as that."

It's also untrue. Most of the shelter magazines that have failed in recent years have been extremely popular and well-loved by their readers. They failed due to lack of advertising.
Melkorka said…
I really, really enjoy when you break down a room into its elements and talk about them - its so fun to hear what your trained eye see. I also love that you all have different(and wonderful) stylistic points of view - it makes it so interesting! When I saw this image on the cover I thought - oh nice! because I just saw the colors - but hearing you talk about it and actually focusing on the elements in the room really made me see why Nye's apartment 'feels' better to me. Thanks for another enjoyable broadcast!
Windlost said…
I haven't listened to your Roundtable yet or read the other comments, so dare I venture my opinion? I thought Bunny's room was horrendous. I like some elements, but what a jumble, and I have enormous admiration for her. But I think she was a little high, or maybe just trying to be witty. There is little redeeming about the space, although I love the art in the living room.

Joe's place is a little busy but I think it is pretty, and the things all relate, and it looks very comfortable.

Can't wait to hear what you pro's think when I listen to this one!

I do think this is the ugliest HB cover ever, but then again, it made me really think, and I did look for what worked and didn't work. I still think this whole issue is a mess. Really some rather ugly rooms.

Maybe it's that whole ugly beautiful (jolie-laide) style coming back, like in fashion, with weird looking models and hideous clothes. But you know, maybe we need a little shake-up. Too many perfect rooms have lead to this...

;) wink.
You 3 are so much fun! I loved how excited you sounded and how you all laughed out loud! When I saw this issue of the magazine, I had an immediate dislike for the B.W. room also. In my itty bitty opinion, it doesn't even look as good as a furniture showroom. It looks to me like a room where furniture was placed while a showroom designer tried to decide what to put in and what to take out. I kept waiting for someone to say something about the placement of the t.v. Are we supposed to watch t.v. while we dine, and are we ONLY supposed to watch it while we dine. It seemed like a very strange placement to me. I so agree that it looks like several designers worked on this project (each in their own small area of a huge room), and nobody looked to see what the others were doing until it was completed. J.N.'s apartment looks so inviting. To me, the B.W. room does not look like a place where I'd want to spend any time at all. Now, WHO DO I THINK I AM!!!! But I do think that the few magazines that are left need to consider public opinion and what the public wants to see-not just what designers want to see. laurie
Lisa D. said…
Playing catch up here on a Friday evening! Spot on!!! Loved Joe's apartment!
I usually listen to you on my morning walks, but I had to listen to this one again when I got home and could look at my HB. It was so much fun analyzing the rooms with you. I must admit that I found myself talking out loud to the three of you! You really have a way of making us listeners feel like we are part of the conversation.
I have to say that I didn't love Bunny Williams' room, but I admire the fact that she pushes herself to be daring and try new things in front of us all. That takes a lot of courage.
I loved Joe Nye's apartment.

In terms of scale and arrangement, the Bunny Williams Room is faultless. But there is something arbitrary about the combination of design elements. Too much quirkiness, too many "unexpected" touches. The end result is surprisingly coarse. Nonetheless, it has its own very definite air of authority~and anyhow I haven't read a single comment from anyone who actually stood inside that room, took it all in and then
decided where they stood on the matter. What I'm
saying is that Bunny Still Rules.
Absolutely great podcast! I love the fact that real discussion can now occur about published rooms. I, too, normally love Bunny Williams, but this looks like what happens when someone rests on their laurels. And I may be by myself, but I do not like the Joe Nye design either. That is what is so great about design, we can all admire different styles. I just don't admire these spaces. Thanks for the food for thought. You guys rock!
Anonymous said…
"In terms of scale and arrangement, the Bunny Williams Room is faultless."

The arrangement was faultless? Come on--a television in the dining room? And as for scale: I'd say the proportion of furniture to space-you-can-walk-around-in is pretty damn poor. The sheer density of furniture packed in there makes me uncomfortable. That's part of "scale."

"I haven't read a single comment from anyone who actually stood inside that room"

So what? Look at the sheer number of photographs that were considered. Look at how the bloggers took pains to call attention to even more photographs of the room--photographs that were on other blogs but NOT in the magazine--in an effort to be as fair and as merciful as possible.

And if photographic representation is so distorting, why do magazines like House Beautiful even bother? And why do decorators like Bunny agree to have their work represented in them, if the photographic documentation is so inaccurate?

"What I'm saying is that Bunny Still Rules."

She's had a distinguished career. But she is not "great," in the sense that her work will endure in a substantial way long after she's gone, and will be taught and studied in detail by many. Some people are middling. They have good, long, stable, honorable careers. But they are not "great." They are respected. An example from another field: John Cheever. For a while everyone was happy to give him good reviews, to read his latest New Yorker story, to write biographies about him, publish his correspondence, etc. But in 100 years from now, few people will study him or teach him or read him, not the way they read, say, Henry James or Edith Wharton or Franz Kafka or James Joyce. He's just not at that level. Same with Bunny.
Anonymous said…
I really wanted to like the Bunny Williams room!!!! I am still holding out hope that there was some mistake and it really wasn't her that designed the room. Maybe it was a typo or something....
Anonymous said…
I always thought that most designers viewed a showhouse room as if it were to be the actual living quarters of a pretend person they whose life and lifestyle they imagined. Where the Bunny Williams room sort of fails is - viewed against that standard - it does not have a viewpoint: young modern, older socialite, hip middle aged couple who inherited - that kind of thing. I respect almost everything she does - her bedrooms in particular are wonderfully luxe but this room? The big prints own the room -- for me they are just so huge they overwhelm and I have a hard time even focusing on anything else, egg chair notwithstanding!

Suzanne on St. Simons
Megan said…
Part of the mish-match issue (apart from the volume of stuff) is the choice of colours. The red, the yellow, the chocolate brown all stand in opposition to the blue (as does the white on the moldings etc. as it is a stark contrast). The mirror over the mantlepiece is hideous in this context - suprised noone commented on it! The main thing I think is that all that colour and stuff doesn't respect the architecture of the room. If the walls stayed blue I would have played with the purple and greens in the art either side of the fireplace rather than yellow (current trend) and that red.
I like the Joe Nye rooms.
All in my humble opinion of course!
Lauren said…
I really loved flipping through the magazine with you all!!

Ok, I both loved & disliked elements of this room. Obviously, the art, the wall color and I even liked that she mixed in something like the crazy red egg chair, I just feel that it was too off. (I love something off in a room but this was too much.)

I don't believe you can say a room is "great" just because of who designed it--- when I read it the first time myself I read it outloud to my husband so we could have a laugh/ scoff. From a young designer's standpoint, it came across as snobbish and kind of arrogant... but I wonder if maybe they did it in fun and more as a nod to her because they're so fond of her??

Although I feel like it's got a little too much going on/ is so full of stuff, I like the direction it's going in. It's definitely fearless & a bit unconventional. Just a few changes and I think it would be perfect.

I also agree with Megan about the muddy colors in contrast with the turquoise-- beautiful & necessary and I really agree that without them, a room has the potential to feel really elementary.

As for Joe Nye's apartment, it really felt like a home. More than anything in particular, I just loved the collected, "real" feeling about it.

great podcast!! :)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Mrs. Blandings said…
Loved this edition. I have to say I thought the Williams room was a disaster. I admire her so much as a designer and have many of her rooms in my file from years and years ago. I thought the whole space was an ad for her new line and the Egg Chair the one element thrown in to distract from that. And the fabric on the back of those chairs doesn't even look red, it looks maroon. And wrong.

As for Joe Nye, Megan - I saw him first! Adored his space. He's divine.
I would like to leap to Ms Williams' defense. The Kips Bay interior she decorated was beautiful if uneven; I wasn't fond of the dining-room end of the room. But the space itself was glorious and did not lend itself well to being photographed. I stood in that room, for a very long time, and that was really the only way to understand the space. When you stood in the room, with the sunlight seeping in through the windows, the lamps turned a bit low, et cetera, it was wonderful and alluring and fresh. As for HB's saying it's great because it's a BW room, you are overstating the case; it's simply a tag line, like a movie poster. It's an overstatement but an acceptable one.
stephendrucker said…
Fascinating. Wish I could have joined the skirted table for this one.

This is what magazines are all about: love it/hate it.

Interesting to note... we've been deluged with requests for the coffee table in Bunny's room.
Cindy J. said…
Oh I would of loved to hear this podcast..alas a hearing loss prevents this. Would it be possible to publish a written transcript of SRT? Please let me know.. Just reading the comments has been so fun. Thanks, Cindy
Chris said…
I really enjoyed your comments on the podcast-I thought I was the only one saying...what??? My issue's cover corner is ripped up by my cat-I don't think she thought much of it either.
~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said…
You gals are great and I appreciate it that you were honest enough to say what you really thought. When I saw this issue of Met Home I flipped thru it and thought "Where can I sit in this room and be comfortable, read a book?" I wanted to find that comfort spot but it's just not there for me. Too much going on, and I tend to like lots of stuff around me, but between the unharmonious colors and all the furniture and things, I just couldn't find that spot.

I feel it's important to have this discussion because when I am told that I have to like this room because it's Bunny's I begin to question myself. Is what I'm doing in my home the best that I can do? Should I be looking at decorating differently? What about my style?

I love using second hand furniture and pieces I pick up at flea markets. I love things in my home that have a story to tell. Where did I find this piece and how did I dicker the price down. I'm not the type to go out and spend a fortune to furnish my home and have it arrive all at once in a big truck. I love adding pieces a little at a time as I find them. Decorating by Love I like to call it. Most of the pieces in this room were new so where is the story?

Then I conclude that nothing in decorating is right or wrong. I'm sure Bunny loves her room but it is not the room for me yet, someone somewhere will like it also.

Thanks for this great conversation. I enjoyed your points of view. We all have them, don't we?
Fondly~ ~Ahrisha~ ~
agnes and co. said…
I am a first time Skirted Roundtable listener. Love you girls! Hilarious. I do have to disagree with the Bunny Williams room. There are elements that I would change. But, the busyness of the room is very "Bunny Williams Style." She always packs every room full of stuff. Her style seems to be that of a well-traveled homeowner who just keeps picking up knick knacks on all of their travels and then just placing them in the room wherever they will fit. I agree, it's busy and eclectic, but it is a very cool room.

I will be listening again.
xx Becky