Jennifer Boles, The Peak of Chic!

This week, we welcome the lovely Jennifer Boles, a.k.a. The Peak of Chic, to the Roundtable!! Jennifer is one of the most respected bloggers on the design blogosphere and she is also a contributing editor to House Beautiful magazine. So sit back and enjoy!

(Please forgive the sound quality - we did the best we could but technology wasn't on our side this week!)


Terry said…
Thanks so much for visiting Atlanta and Ms. Boles. Y'all brought up the essence: The Peak of Chic speaks with a human voice as if we are in the room with her. The other thing y'all mention is that P of C speaks "the language" of pro design. I don't know the language, the literature, or the designers so I have to study. That's a good thing.

The thing I like most is that she covers so much ground. Her voice is familiar and predicable but her content isn't. I could never anticipate her post about the valance in her own bathroom. Or, that the valence could solve a problem at our place. That why we read the blogs.
Anonymous said…
I'm interested in the history of interior decorating, but I find most of the blogs on that subject insufferable. Jennifer's is the happy exception. (And, she's a knockout.)
Beth Connolly said…
The Peak of Chic was the first and only blog I read for ages and is still the standard by which I judge all other blogs-well written, well researched, interesting, creative, and informative. Jennifer was my inspiration in starting to blog. It didn't hurt either that she loves Chinoiserie as much as I do. So delightful getting to know more about her. The Skirted Roundtable never lets me down-another wonderful one you three!
So proud of the Atlanta bloggers for keeping our city a part of the design dialogue. Nice interview.
This radio show was so interesting, I didn't even notice any techie-problems. What glitches? Jennifer: You are down-to-earth and relatable and approachable. One of my favorite posts you've writen was, Chic Shape, Unfortunate Name. (the kidney post!). Oh that was so cute and certainly the way you wrote it - I'm sure many readers felt the same - swimming in kidney shaped pools...wondering why the heck they love this shape of casegoods so much. You are the 'good friend' to all bloggers. Congratulations on your continued success. If any of you want to read the 'kidney' post it was on Jan 8/09. Liberty Post
Figures...I fuss over the word 'relatable' to spell it correctly and then I go ahead and spell 'written' wrong. Well, we bloggers..we try. (we're human) LP
Anonymous said…
There's a little clique of male decor bloggers and commenters who are always imperiously trying to tell you what is good and what is not. Then Jennifer comes along-- lovely, courteous, funny, and good-natured--and leaves all the men in the dust with her credibility and scholarship and beautifully considered assessments.
Concrete Jungle said…
Just caught up on the last two Round Tables.
Jennifer's path through/with her blog was very interesting.
Client relationships...... it was great to hear it is
pretty much the same for all of us. ahhhh to be like Mr. Wolf...clear and concise...but I do think he may
miss some of the creative give that can come from a good client. His designs however may remain clear and clean due to this fact.
mary said…
I loved listening to this edition of "Skirted"! I gleaned so much information about the blogging process and the way it opens up avenues that were previously not even on the horizon. Thanks, as always. You guys are amazing!
Reesa@Perfect Home said…
I have to tell you, my fella lives in Jennifer's building and I know that bathroom well. The pictures of the transformation don't begin to do it justice! Genius is the only word for it. I so enjoyed hearing how she approached the challenge...belive me, it was a challenge! I agree, The Peak of Chic is one of the best written blogs out there. As a "baby blogger" I can always turn to her blog for inspiration.
I may be one of the very few of the general public (not a decorator or a deisnger) who listens to these pod casts. I always learn something from them, even though much of what you talk about doesn't apply to me. Because I am just an ordinary gal with a blog, (you are not going to believe this) I had never been to Jennifer's blog. When you started the podcast talking about her remodeled bathroom, I had to stop listening and go look, and you were right. It was an amazing transformation! Thank you for introducing me to her beautiful blog and to such a delightful person. laurie
I finally had the opportunity to meet Jennifer this week, and I wish I had listened to this SR before meeting her! Of course, she is one of the grand dames of the design blog world (a strange description for someone so young, but true), and I would love to know how many bloggers she inspired to begin their own journey into the blog world. Peak of Chic and Style Court were my first design blog discoveries, and I remember how kind both of these bloggers were when I had fundamental questions about blogging etiquette when first starting out. Great interview!
Brittany Stiles said…
You ladies are awesome! I kept thinking about questions that I wanted to ask Jennifer as you were interviewing her and without fail, one of you would ask the question that I was thinking of. That rarely happens when I read articles, but I'm finding that it happens pretty much every time I tune in to The Skirted Round Table. Thanks!
Lisa D. said…
Finally playing catch-up on Sat. evening,over a glass of wine, I'll add. I wanted to say that Jennifer sounds very down to earth & very her writing style as well! Her blog was one of the first ones that I found while living in Nashville. I beleive I was googling wallpaper & her blog came up...the rest is history! The Saints are still on...I'm moving on to Suzanne.