Charlotte Moss Joins Us at the Skirted Roundtable

In honor of Charlotte Moss' visit to The Skirted Roundtable: a early version of her decorating style - a yellow plaid skirted table softens the area in front of the window of her former townhouse.

We are so thrilled to present Ms. Charlotte Moss to the listeners of The Skirted Roundtable. Linda, Megan and myself were mesmerized listening to Charlotte discuss her design philosophies, how her business works - whether the client first comes to her office or if they meet at the client's house, what lengths she goes to to finish an installation, and everything in between. The time flew by and though we promised her we would only keep her for 30 minutes, it was almost an hour before we were forced to end it - much to our chagrin. We hope you enjoy listening to this design icon as much as we did. You will learn a lot from Ms. Moss - I know we did. We felt like we were sitting at the feet of a master - soaking it all up, as Megan said "like a sponge."
Charlotte dresses up for a charity function: philanthropy is of utmost importance to her and she serves on many boards, where she generously donates large amounts of her time.

Her most famous Kips Bay showhouse room. This vignette might be one of the prettiest ever designed. I love how the etagere is urn shaped and she repeats this with an urn atop it. The framed wallpaper remnant is perfectly scaled to the etagere, while the bell jar is placed to bring your eye to it as a focal point and then travel down the curved lines of the etagere and further along the curving arms of the chaise longue. Perfection!

Ms. Moss is known for her feminine bedrooms - most often finished with a four poster bed. During her Skirted Roundtable discussion - she addresses feminine vs. masculine design and how to deal with men who don't like canopy beds.

It's not all work - there's lot of fun in Charlotte's life, that's for sure! You'll be interested to hear how much sleep she gets a night.
A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Charlotte for giving up her time to talk with us AND you!


Anonymous said…
She's a glamorous fucking badass. That blue dress. That I-could-kill-you look. A+.
Megan said…
Goodness girls - it's going to be hard to top this one! Excellent interview. She's got more than a design philosophy - she has a whole of life philosophy.
Unknown said…
I could just die! Wonderful interview ladies!
Thank you so much for such a fabulous interview, and thank you Charlotte for carving out some time to visit!

It was so validating to hear the realities of design from such a seasoned professional! I love the details and customer service she offers.. it truly makes a difference!

Thanks again!

mary said…
I am enthralled. Of course, I was familiar with her work, products and the fact that she is actively involved in giving. But I had no idea of her authenticity and open nature. It was as if she gave of herself in every word spoken. What an inspiration... now "get moving Mary"! Thanks so much for this amazing and motivating interview.
One of your best interviews yet! She really has a lot of great ideas and tips that I never would have thought of. I think her next licensing project should be an audio book.
Thank you ALL so much for the time and effort you put into these interviews. I just listened as I cleaned up the kitchen and what a treat it was!! I actually heard Charlotte Moss talking casually (but so informatively) to three great design minds! Wow! Loved it - thank you , thank you, thank you!
Terry said…
People, clients, don't know / remember how to set tables, arrange pillows ect. Very valuable to have a record from the pro. Otherwise, you are afraid to move anything, even to dust. Changing a details can ruin a room.

I agree entirely on selling the value of pro design. You should feel great every day in your rooms. This comes though in your interviews but not so much on designer blogs and websites.
Terry said…
Another great idea that comes through from Ms. Moss is that a significant part of the whole package isn't artistic: It's keeping records, communicating to help clients be comfortable during and after the process.
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AnneHH said…
Fabulous interview with Ms. Moss!! Thanks so much for lining up these amazing designers. Can't wait to hear your interview with Ms. Kasler.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Now THAT is full service. Unbelievable. Thanks so much - I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her perspective. inspiring...yall are doing such a neat thing with this blog...thank you so are teaching at so many levels..i listened TWICE, she is amazing!
Jacci said…
What a wonderful 45 minutes! I only wish it had been longer :) I felt like I could have listened to Ms. Moss well into the wee hours.

Joni, Linda, Megan - thank you so much for hosting the SRT. You're educating me.

Ms. Moss, thank you so much for being willing to share your mind and heart with us. I was riveted - many times backing up the audio just to catch a word or two I had missed the first time... going after ever bit like chocolate cake crumbs. I plan on listening again. Next time I'll be certain to have paper and pencil at the ready. Again, thank you for your gracious and generous spirit.

All the best,
Jacci in Ohio
There is something to be said about actually hearing someone you've admired for a long time speak. She is a true lady and definitely knows how to make her clients at ease & comfortable. Everyone loves to be treated and made to feel like they are the best. Sounds like Charlotte does this for each one of her clients. That's what you call a business relationship. I've done this with some clients in the past and their reaction to me is priceless.
All that is Pie said…
I really enjoyed this and I might get a kindle for my Mother!
Teacats said…
A true Renaissance woman -- brillant mind and artistic soul! And generous with her time and resources too! MY personal favorite book by Ms. Moss: "The Poetry of Home" -- I searched for the original book years ago -- and finally found one (without the gift box jacket) on EBay. And that book really spoke to my soul -- because our stories really do reflect in our homes! I adore decoration of all kinds (I even move things around at stores, offices, hotels etc. LOL! so thank her for mentioning that trait!!) Many thanks to SR for including such a style icon! I even adore her hairstyle!!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage
How fun to hear Charlotte Moss on the Skirted Roundtable! Really enjoyed this conversation. Thanks, ladies! :-)
jlonit said…
What a treat. I wish it were longer, she seemed to be really enjoying herself too!

In photos she looks quite stern and patrician so I was surprised to hear a warm southern accent.

Loved it.
Awesome interview! I couldn't agree's all about the atmosphere or feel of the room...and Charlotte Moss makes it all seem effortless. So glad she gave up Wallstreet! :-) And Charlotte...if you read this, I felt a kinship because I also majored in English (and Psychology...double Major) and was one course short of a minor in Art. I ended up a Social Worker and you...Wall Street. :-) Smart Lady! Looking forward to your next book!
Renae Moore said…
I really enjoyed this...what a fabulously gracious woman. She had such class and humility and the details of what she does are inspiring.
Thank you!
~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said…
Wonderful Ladies. Thanks for this eye opening interview. I should have been taking notes. Best to all of you~ ~Ahrisha~ ~
Beth Connolly said…
I have every one of her books, but listening to her was really special. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to hear her wisdom and philosophy. Try topping this interview-it would have to be Michelle Obama and Michael Smith together discussing decorating the White House!
Boxwood Terrace said…
Very special--like attending private lecture with Charlotte Moss. Thank you SRT ladies and Ms. Moss.
I have never heard Charlotte speak before. It was a wonderful interview. Thank you!
Hello from Canada! For me, it's all about the 'hair'. Charlotte has the best hair of anyone! (Joni and I have discussed this a few times over the years) And, seriously, I want to thank 'The Skirted Round Table' for continuing to bring us educational and inspirational radio shows. I have made several pages of notes. (as I always do when I listen to you) I do want to mention for some listeners who may feel that 45 minutes is too long. I am sitting her begging for more - I would encourage everyone to open a 2nd browser on their laptop so they can search things your guests are talking about. Use Google Images too. It's better than design school. Charlotte: Thank you for opening up your 'business savvy' for us. The one thing I notice is that you have confidence. Confidence in your talent, your ability, your services, your company, your personal compass. And if I could boil it all down to one word it would be 'People'. You care about people and the lives they lead, will lead and the places they go home to. Ah...I loved this podcast so much, I can't even express how I'm feeling right now. Good Night Dream Girls. Liberty Post xo
Michelle said…
What a class act.

Great interview ladies!

Anonymous said…
It was difficult getting beyond the first snide comment about "mothers", but after that the interview was interesting. The tablescapes are readily available by many designers depending upon whether or not a client is willing to pay for the fluff.
Anonymous said…
Girls, girls, girls! Could you have grovelled more? You sounded like star struck school girls - not design divas. Hold your shoulders back and show a little swagger of your own next time.
Anonymous said…
You should have edited out the Kindle stuff.
Anonymous said…
Megan, there is no such word as "philanthropies" (plural).
Kathysue said…
I was very surprised at how down to earth Ms Moss was. Very interesting to hear about her background. I so agree either you have it or you don't it is not something that can be taught. The fundamentals, yes, but not the feeling that Ms Moss achieves in her design that is something you are born with. Great SRT, I so enjoyed it, I love hearing the thought process of other designers.It was nice to hear how important the "feeling" a room gives was the ultimate goal . I also have that design philosohy in my own home and for my clients. Very enjoyable, great job ladies and wonderful questions, I could have listened for hours, Kathysue
Tracy Watier said…
Hi Ladies. I finally found enough time all to myself to listen to this entire conversation and all I can say is "wow". It's so fantastic to hear that an idol, a star of the design world is such an honest to goodness real person. Nothing pretentious about Ms Moss at all. And the info she shared with regard to dealing with clients was priceless... scrapbooks and table settings and that she too has had the experience of wishy washy clients who steal your ideas and do the job themslves... Great interview! And I'm definitely going to take a closer look at Kindle. If it's good enough for Charlotte Moss and Joni Webb, I'm sure it's good enough for me! Thanks again! I'm planning to give it another listen and take notes next time!
What a classy lady, and what a coup for you three to have her on TSRT! I'm so impressed, and I so enjoyed this interview. laurie
I'm so glad to hear she's doing a fabric line for Fabricut !
pve design said…
Excellent interview. One of the most important messages to me, is we are creating a "Visual Story" and the articulation and execution are what make greats like Charlotte so inspiring. Be it one can draw or not, it is the ability to see a room, a home or a story or a drawing finished before it actually is completed.
Truly, you ladies are inspiring with these pod casts.
I love knowing that she began on Wall Street, perhaps my husband will have a life after Finance. :)
Lady Katherine said…
I so enjoyed this interview with Charlotte. As I am going off to surgery, this will be such a lovely way to listen to all your wonderful interviews as I recover. Susan, at BTNOP sent me a lovely book for after surgery and showed your round table on her blog again, I am so happy she did for I will be looking forward to listening more.
What an amazing interview! Charlotte Moss is one of my favorite designers, and I love her books,too. I liked gaining more insight into her design life. Thanks so much...

Antiena said…
Excellent interview! I soaked it up. It is so nice to hear that people who can't draw can still design!
Maria Killam said…
Thanks ladies for including my post about Charlottte on this blog!!
This a GREAT interview! I admire her work.

I saw her in San Francisco in October at Gumps and enjoyed her interview their too. In fact, I am giving away her book, A Flair for Living this week and will blog about this interview tomorrow.

Thanks again ladies. I know these interviews are a lot of work. Keep 'em coming!

cristin @ simplified bee