This week we sit down with Alessandra Branca

This week, once again, fortune has smiled upon us as we had the great pleasure to visit with the ineffable, Alessandra Branca. Ms. Branca, whose style is always rich with color, gorgeous fabrics and strong architectural design elements shares with us about family, what inspires her designs and discusses her most recent book, 'New Classic Interiors'.
The book is a gorgeous, over sized tome, filled with mouth watering photos that is actually quite a good read as well. We should also mention that, all proceeds from the book will go to inner city children's programs around the country. If you order your copy here, 100% of your purchase price goes to Alessandra's selected charities. Another example of the interior design community stepping up to help those less fortunate!


Jaime @ DOXA said…
Soooooo excited to listen to this interview, thanks again ladies!!

My Notting Hill said…
I think this is one of the best interiews yet! Love Alessandra's advice on decorating with children. So knowledgeable and personable. Brava! Michele
Michelle said…
Great to have coffee with the four of you...and thanks to Alessandra for the interview!

Beth Connolly said…
Alessandra's work has always resonated so much with me. I was so fascinated to learn more about her. I spent my early childhood living and traveling extensively in Europe. I grew up in Lake Forest among the gorgeous estates, many of them designed by David Adler. My parents lived on Sheridan Road and I went to Ferry Hall for prep school and my brothers went to Lake Forest Academy. I know that growing up amidst such incredible style and elegance had a tremendous impact on my aesthetic. I have never to this day seen more beautiful homes than in Lake Forest. I remember one of my friends in grade school whose family estate had peacocks wandering all over the manicured lawns and we would run around collecting the feathers they had dropped. I kept them in a vase on my dresser. I hope Alessandra reads this comment. Thanks for another wonderful interview. I will enjoy her work even more now knowing our shared connections. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Dianne said…
The best yet! She is strong and so talented. A wonderful mix!
Thanks ladies.
Unknown said…
All things just keep getting better...don't they? Great fun this was. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Terry said…
Thanks to Ms. Branca and to the Great Skirted Ones. This IS a great format. If we've learned anything it's that designers love to talk but we only get their words in print. This SRT hit home for me at Thanksgiving: Space so nice and so flexible that folks want to be there, space that accommodates family doings while creating lifetime memories.
Boxwood Terrace said…
I enjoyed this interview so much and have admired Alessandra Branca's work for a long time. Thank you Ms. Branca and SRT!
Anonymous said…
wouldyou three let the lady talk, please!
Another great interview! It literally flew by, thank you so much. I think the SRT is so special because it's such an informal format, and we really get to hear designers talk from their heart, instead of what's chosen and edited in print.
Great interview! I love Alessandra's energy and enthusiasm. She has such a wonderful and infectious laugh.
:-) You just know that this is someone you could trust to create a beautiful living space for your family.
I really enjoyed listening to your interview. I feel like I learned so much ! Her rooms are really beautiful, I can see why you love her so much.
Willow Decor said…
I really enoyed this interview. i was so impressed with her committment to make rooms liveable not just beautiful. Excellent interview!
Isnt' it wonderful that her Mother took up painting and she sells it? !!! I just love that point. I have just finished going through her sites. She (A) is beyond amazing.