Renowned antiques expert Judith Miller takes a chair

Noted antiques expert and prolific author of many books on antiques, period style and more, Judith Miller joined us this week from her home in London! Join us as we learned a little more about the art of collecting antiques, how to go about starting a collection and other interesting tips. We also discussed Judith's new book CHAIRS which is a fascinating portrait book on chairs spanning four hundred years. It's a must have for anyone in the interiors business.


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Terry said…
Oh boy. I've started listening and I want to savor it with small sips. It's what I enjoy so much about Antiques Road Show: Ms. Miller teaches us history by way of beautiful well crafted things. This is a wonderful breath of fresh air. Thanks to Ms. Miller and the GSO's
soodie :: said…
Well thoroughly enjoyable... and, of course, Judith Miller is my idol...

Great choice to interview her.
If it isn't enough that Judith Miller is Scottish, her knowledge as well as her wonderful personality certainly fulfills all my "fannish" dreams of her. Thanks for another wonderful interview...loved this one especially, since I'm a dealer. Brought back fond memories of Scotland, too. xo
Anne Marie said…
this will be a great book for my antique dealer mother-in-law!
thanks!! for the idea!!
Tricia - Avolli said…
Ladies...I really enjoyed this interview. She is an amazing resource and I loved hearing it all directly from her. Your questions were great!

My best,
Unknown said…
Oh, I love those personal stories, woven into a design carriere. Knowledge and accessability. It was so interesting listening to you all!

Thank you!


PS: She has such nice voice!
Great interview...learned so much! I think I'm growing a chair I NEED that book! :-)
I just can't get over how much your guests share with your listeners. They give and give and give. It's wonderful! Judith is brilliant of course and the world's finest expert. Very interesting discussion. I'm on the hunt now for posters....
Hi Megan, Linda and Joni,

Your interviews are just fascinating, I have really enjoyed listening to Judith MIller talk about her life, books and adventures collecting Antiques.

We have many people coming to our workshop just looking for chairs, and Andrew has made so many over the years. I love chairs, always have and although our cottage is small I will always find a spot for another chair.

xx Coty Farquhar

p.s. I now listen to your interviews while I'm working on my stories, I love your American style and the unique questions that you ask your guests.
What a wonderful way of spending time listening and learning. You always invite interesting people, so diverse and knowleadgeable. Thanks for a great interview.
Anonymous said…
This was a great interview. Judith Miller comes across as an accomplished yet approachable woman who has truly earned her credentials. I have ordered the book and can't wait to receive it. I have one question: Can you recommend a book on antiques which describes the various histories and periods of furniture that I could purchase as a reference. Perhaps Miller has published one of these, but if you have a good resourse from design school perhaps that would also be a great book to have. Your response would be appreciated.
Ivy Lane said…
Very interesting interview. I am going to buy her book Chairs and the 20th Century Design book! So excited to treat myself! I love the story of Judith telling Martha Stewart she was too busy to go to Martha and give her opinion on her glassware!!! I'll bet not too many people turn Martha down!
Linda Merrill said…
Hi Anon - I checked and the two furniture history books I got in design school are no longer in print. But Judith has a full on history book called "Furniture" that is likely what you're looking for. I think you'll find a full history in "Chairs" as well. Thanks!
soodie :: said…
sorry to pipe in Linda, but anon: yes, 'furnture' is very good, but also don't forget '20th century design' to cover modern furniture. there is also 'decorative arts' by miller which helps to really break the periods down and although it covers glass, silver, ceramics, etc., it covers stylistic differences which will help round out antique furniture knowledge. also 'the style sourcebook' covers fabrics, wallpaper, flooring, paints, etc. her 'antiques encyclopedia' is invaluable. and i would also recommend 'a closer look at antiques'. her books are on my students recommended reading list. can't say enough how well she explains it all. ok, i'll stop now...
Unknown said…
Thank you for all your hard work. Please enter me in giveaway. I hated missing that rolling basket!