Knock Knock: It's Opportunity (Plus the book giveaway winner!)

This week Megan, Joni and I discuss different opportunities that can arise from blogging (speaking, writing, etc) and social media in general.  What doors have been opened to you?

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And, by random selection, the winner of Susanna Salk's book "Room for Children" is Kristi Ripley of T's Tutu's and Designs. Kristi - please email Linda your address and Rizzoli will send you out your book!


Denise Smith said…
Just cuz I'm also a curious "voyeur" I wish I knew what blog was discussing who else should quit. Googled it, got nothing.

And on another related topic, do you think the blog world, and social media in general, will begin to self regulate? What I mean by this is will blogs and tweets and Facebook become more for those who are actually good at it and less about just everyone giving it a try?
Linda Merrill said…
Hi Denise - Interesting question. I actually do think it all is basically self-regulated. Blogs are huge work and if you don't attract an audience, even a tiny one, then eventually, I think most people would get bored and move on. And I only follow people on Twitter who are varied in their tweets, which to me means the person or business is good at it. I'm not good at Twitter in that I'm not consistent - so I'll never have Brad Fords 11,000 followers! Not that I would anyway...
Jaime Rogers said…
Well, I just love hearing these...I'm so selfish (as I can only imagine how time consuming these post must be) but I would love to receive one every day! Your post are truly a highlight in my week, so many, many thanks ladies! As for opportunities which have opened up in response to blogging, I myself am currently consulting for a very large national furniture retailer as well as creating a private label collection with another manufacturer...oddly enough, both of these amazing projects have prevented me from blogging as of late but I imagine things will settle down a bit once Summer arrives. And Linda, you are so funny as you repeatedly step in when Meagan speaks about bloggers having agendas or self promotion...I do not know why, but I must agree every time Meagan brings it up it comes off as incredibly snarky, lol. You ladies are the best, thanks again! Already looking forward to the next one;)

What a fun topic! I had no idea what I was jumping into when I started blogging (simply to be on the web). In addition to growing my business, blogging has allowed me to network with fellow designers/POs, artists and manufactures.

I also Twitter and FB. I swore I would never have a FB fan page... and just launched on a few weeks ago.

Now, just need to find time to manage it all in a balanced way.

Love you guys!

Hey Girls! It was fun to hear your discussion about blogging and bloggers! I am also a blogger and I love blogging... But, sometimes I fell a little bit isolated from the theme... Thanks so much for sharing that! {I felt that I was part of the discussion, and felt a connection}.

By the way, how about now you have another discussion about "How to get followers for your blog"?
See you next time!
Anonymous said…
Very interesting topic - - thank you! Such a great list of upcoming guests - can't wait!

Pigtown*Design said…
Excellent! I sent it to friends who have an amazing shop and design business, but no web presence.
Michelle said…
Hi Ladies,

I started my blog as a sister to my website, which I found more static, but discovered an audience of alike minded people that I just can't give up!

You are so right, the work that goes into promoting your business is exhausting, but feel the longer I do it, the more business comes my way...I've actually received work through (and from) other bloggers, and have made connections which I feel I have yet to benefit.

I know that my blog address sits beside my website address on my business cards, and that I get more visitors to my blog. The world is a different place, that's for sure. It's allot to have to manage.

Thanks again for a great cup of jo,

Anonymous said…
I'm listening to your podcast right now: very good and oh so interesting.

I agree that those who haven't had a positive experience blogging probably do drop out: that positive feedback is so critical...

Also, I have found that the longer I'm in the blog world, I see such a HUGE difference in blog quality. I've been doing some of the blog "parties" lately, mostly to boost my readership, but am almost invariably disappointed by them. It's not so much that someone has just one "agenda", but, like the design public in general, the taste level varies SO tremendously.

I try to boost the number of followers... and yet, I am finding that it is the quality, not the quantity, that is important!

Anyway, great podcast! I just Tweeted about it!
dialog said…
Thank you for your excellent job at hitting all of the positives, negatives and honesty of the blogging world. Hot flashes and all.
Tina Ramer said…
Some of the best designers do not have websites, they do not need to drum up work, I don't have a website or blog because I am so busy I don't have the time to put into it that it would require. I do enjoy looking at high quality blogs and websites, and feel like some of them are long distant friends! Like wanting to protect Joni from Anonymous!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Writing a blog has provided me with unbelievable opportunity. There is no way I would have been offered the writing assignments I've received without it.

On the flip side, I've just deleted my twitter account because it seems like constant noise to me. Mostly there is very little value there. Frankly, I could give two flips if you stop to get the cupcake or not. In addition, I've quit accepting invitations to fan pages on FB and have been "hiding" madly as my wall is starting to look like a constant commercial. I think the marketing and pr folks have gone into social media hyperdrive and, for me, it is a huge turn off.

I do think blogging can be a great marketing tool, clearly, but it is a good bit of work and I think if you are starting now you have to be aware that the pay-off may not be obvious.

And I still miss Leah's More Ways to Waste Time. She found the best darn stuff on ebay.
katiedid said…
Great discussion as usual! I am finding that the irony of blogging is that I have more business now and less time for blogging! But with out blogging regularly, my following would decline and business with it. Finding the right balance is very difficult!!!
Anonymous said…
Re. Mrs. Blandings comment about Twitter:

She is, for sure, in a very different position than I am...but I have to say, I think Twitter has done SO much for me!. First, it keeps me in tune with what is going on. Second, Twitter readers are interested in what I have to post! I do keep that sort of 30-30-30 balance. I have subscribed also to several, very well chosen "Google Alerts"; it continues to amaze me that, as I quickly scroll through them each day, there is almost always something to look into further and then post on Twitter.

Twitter provides a platform for quick finds: things that I don't want to blog about but that keep me, and others, in the mainstream!

Sorry, didn't mean to go on like this!
Megan said…
Hey Ladies
Thanks for the interesting discussion once again and glad to hear your thoughts on the recent closure of some blogs. My take on the social media phenomenon is that there has been an explosion - but then people will pare back to meaningful relationships.
I know I drop off people who endlessly self promote but aren't interested in having a conversation with their audience - much the same as the discussion you were all having one time about blog ettiquette. There is nothing ruder than someone who poses a question to followers; whether on a blog, facebook or twitter but never acknowledge responses or mentions them further - not even in a generic way via a retweet or a follow up post or comment.
As in most social circles, you get the boors who drone on and on, only ever talking about themselves, the quiet ones who listen, don't say much but occasionally come out with an absolute pearl of wisdom and the connectors who introduce interesting people to each other, knowing that they will get along wonderfully well and create a community that is more than the sum of its parts. I think the Skirted Roundtable falls into that category.
Love you!
oomph said…
WOW - Who knew! That was an eye opener but isn't amazing the power of a blog? A little like a billboard seen all over the world! Thank you for sharing that -
Katie said…
Great video -- will be sharing this at work for sure.
Design Blahg said…
Always love hearing about others experiences with blogging, and totally dug this discussion. Here's a short list of some stuff I've been lucky enough to get on this whole blogging/twittering journey:
*A killer full-time job
*Friends (IRL)
*Friends (online)
*Money (through advertising and events)
*Attention (ok, had no idea that I actually wanted it, but once I started getting it, I must confess it is *kinda* fun.
*Improved writing skills
*Other business opps

Now much of this came about due to my last blog, so its been interesting trying to repeat the whole process in a different category. But also LOTS of fun.
funcolors said…
I dunno about all the in's and outs of blogging; I'm a new blogger/podcaster. What I DO know is you guys make me laugh. Joni's hot flashes - OMG. Too funny.

Great podcast. I can appreciate how much work it takes to get a podcast posted! Thanks, ladies.
Regine said…
Great discussion! This is back to an old topic, but I bet you girls have inside info.....WHAT does everyone think about Stephen Drucker getting bumped over to Town $ Country!?! What's the scoop girls? Did he go willingly? Was that comment a while back about hostility in the design world something related to him leaving HB?
yikes! Just watched the video, now will listen to you all. I KNOW it's time to get a new phone, and keep up. Timely, you girls are ON IT. xo
Great discussion! I started my blog simply because it was all so new to me, and I thought I'd give it a whirl 3 years ago. It has taken on a life of its own.

It is a challenge, keeping the posts lively, personal, but not too personal, with a bit of business sprinkled in, and answering all the emails etc. I FB. I twitter. The challenge is that now my business is doing so well,it's hard to do it all and stay sane.

I am lucky in that I have the sweetest people who read my posts, and so far they have been wonderfully supportive. I've had opportunities I would never have gotten because of the blog, because EVERYONE reads blogs. Editors. Designers. Customers. everyone. Same is true for FB, and Twitter. {I must get one of those phones, so I can be like Megan.}

sorry for the dissertation. Love you three. Joni, it does get better with the hot flashes. really. but it's a pain in the neck in the meantime. sorry.

Great discussion! And a topic that personally hits home for me - my business developed out of my blog!

My desire was to a write a book on antique shopping in Europe - the recession hit, publishers weren't interested - but potential clients were! Suddenly the blog I was writing to help promote my efforts at publishing my book created a new career when blog readers started asking me to take them on antique shopping tours. I'd unofficially been doing this for a decade of living abroad... but suddenly because of the blog it became my career and we now have a team of 9 Diva's here in Europe!!!! All because of blogging!

I FEEL SOOO Passionate about social media... without it none of what currently is happening in my life would be! One of my main side businesses is public speaking - Ladies start charging... you dont have to charge much - but you deserve to make money! You're incredible... and the fact is - people will pay!

On a personal front I want to share how excited I am - because this month my biz appears in the June Delta magazine - and next month in Victoria Bliss and none of this would be happening without SOCIAL MEDIA!

Your frank discussion on the topic gave me ideas, helped encourage me and moreover have given me some great quotes to credit next time I take to stage talking on this subject,