Friday, June 25, 2010

Seasonal design inspirations, changes and refreshers

This week, it's just Megan, Joni and Linda rambling on about seasonal design changes. We also talk about how the seasons, and our geographic locations, inspire design choices and changes and general thoughts on decor refreshers.

This is Megan's house - she's considering painting her floors white, or possibly a pale gray or blue gray. She did a post here which we refer to.

One of Megan's inspiration images for painting her floors.

 Here is Megan's dining room, featuring the fantastic KWID Imperial Trellis wallpaper, which she's considering replacing.

Here is Megan's bedroom by the beach.

And here's the guy who did the wood work - seriously. You'll have to listen to learn more!


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Karena said...

Linda I will listen in right now, I love you all!!

Art by Karena

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

These are always some of my fav podcasts...just listening to you all talk, voicing your ideas and the decisions you are making for your own homes. Good luck with your decision, Megan...I love the idea of white or gray for your floors!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

We have our wood floors painted in white and black squares, with wood showing too, which I love. I live by the beach, and have a lab just like you, and I have to tell you, I'd go with the pale grey or blue.

The white squares drive me crazy!! Every single paw print, little leaf and everything else shows. We are cleaning up the white all the time. Make sure you put a good layer of varnish over the floor, that helps SO much for cleaning purposes. Can't wait to see what you do! xo Lidy

Lauren said...

Great one as always- love it when it's the 3 of you & I feel like a fly on the wall.

Megan- more on the floors ;) Like I commented on your bb8, I have painted white stairs and every little thing shows on them (we have a dog)- paw prints, etc., BUT if you swiffer 2xs a day, I think you'll be fine. (because I'm guessing you must mop more than I do too ;)

But literally before I have ppl over, I wash down the stairs and the second they come in (shoes on of course) the stairs start to look dirty. I even have a beige painted-on runner down the center but it's so pale everything shows. But stairs in an entry are the worst places to keep clean anyway and you will have rugs too..

Anyway, love the look and can't wait to see what you decide! I wouldn't worry at all about it feeling sterile- I think it will be gorgeous even in winter with all of your little touches.

Joni- had missed that Ikea post somehow and love that armless chaise!! wahooo

Thanks to all 3 of you!

ps- so I think I had a dream about your model carpenter last night (I listened before bed & just now came back to comment.) hahaha he was in his 60s and had gray hair/ mustach and didn't have that 8-pack anymore but mentioned that he used to be a model.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy the podcasts in which you gals "chat" . . . this was a good one!


paperjunk-lc said...

Your podcast reminded me of this post on white floors.

Mona Thompson said...

Some great ideas here. Enjoyed the discussion.

I would definitely paint the floor, but would probably go with the very light gray. Good luck!

Kerry said...

Love listening to the three of you chat - wish you'd do it more often! Great ideas. Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

Great conversation about updates and refinements. The best news of all is the fleeting slips that look like your are sitting on a bag lady. Indeed, the tailored ones are more refined. I am with you, Linda. You can't beat the impact of a beautiful fringe on a pillow or window treatment. The bamboo shades, however, seem to look cheap installed under beautiful linen drapery. I will be glad to see that trend go as well.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Really enjoyed the conversation and hearing everyone's obsevations and opinions about updating!

Megan, my vote is to paint the floors white...they could not possibly look like nurses shoes! LOL! Especially combined with your gorgeous armoire and pedestal table! The light and dark combo will be divine...and with lighter floors the yellow lab dog hair will show up less. :)

Anonymous said...

Joni commented on several design elements which while popular (probably because of price point) are not necessarily in vogue in every part of the country and appropriate for every style home. Curtain rods seem to be skinny and plain in many of the photographs posted here and on other blog sites. While I agree that some finials are garish when too large, often the scale and weight of larger rods are more in keeping with the scale of a room. I suppose opinions will change quickly when a nationally publicized designer does a knock out window treatment using three inch rods and beautifully carved finials and gets published in HB.Fabric is expensive and so is the labor to make beautiful window treatments. Why put them on $49.95 metal rods.

Patti Friday said...

Just got back from my hour long enjoyable walk on the beach. I have a unique situation here. We have 4 seasons in a beach town...weird eh? (Wasaga Beach, actually the longest freshwater beach in the world!) Today is 20 and breezy, waves rolling in..the white floors sound it! So much of what we see on blogs is 'all white' and I think it depends on your personality. Some need courage to use colour, others need nudging to go 'all white'. Canadians do need the look of warmth for fall/winter..or touches of cozy elements. Girls...I am walking my a_ _ off to your podcasts...!!! Loving them!

Unknown said...

I find myself hitting the refresh button in iTunes everyday in anticipation of a new roundtable episode. I just can't express how much I adore, admire, and respect you all.

The Norwegian said...

I would think twice about replacing Imperial Trellis wallpaper! A pattern extraordinaire!! Love it paired with the Eero Saarinen table.

The Norwegian said...

I would think twice about replacing Imperial Trellis wallpaper! A pattern extraordinaire!! Love it paired with the Eero Saarinen table.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Gals~ ~ ~I haven't listened to this one yet but I do have some time this AM and that is the plan. Honestly I love wallpaper and yours is a standout If it were me I would keep it. That said, I prefer it when the same colors or patterns are carried throughout the house. My first house in my 20's I did every room a different color and when I realized what I had done it just made me nuts! Bad memories, why didn't someone stop me? I love the idea of white floors. It's a beach house have everyone take their shoes off at the door. I'm one of those barefoot gals so this makes perfect sense to me. Oh Megan dear, what is that luscious shade of lipstick you have on in your picture at Joni's blog. I must have it!
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Concrete Jungle said...

That was great fun! I was right at the table with you all talking back to the computer....Meagan do try painting the floors...yes love the trellis wallpaper but is strong, maybe enjoy with new light floors for a bit longer so you can amortize the cost over a few more months, Linda I used to tint all the ceilings and trims the same paint colours so when the rooms were diffrent colours there was still some cohesiveness throughout, can't wait to see that front door something other than brown...are you not tempted to just paint it and see if anyone complains? Joni why not try a room at a time painting the floors? I'd look at some of the patterns that can be developed incorporating the original wood tones..ummm...somebody just did a fabuous post on painting parquet...if I can find the link I'll send it your way! Just couldn't resist throwing my two cents in. Cheers Heather

Christi said...

no please replace the kwid trellis paper! it looks amazing and against white floors ... OMG!! i'm begging! =)