Chatting with Christina Strutt of Cabbages & Roses, founder and author

This week Megan, Joni and Linda chat with Christina Strutt, founder and creative mind behind the British lifestyle firm Cabbages and Roses and author of their latest book At Home With Country: Bringing the Comforts of Country Home (Cabbages & Roses)

Join us as we discuss with Christina some of the photo shoots highlighted in the book (see photos below and follow along) and about the differences between American and English style and styling.

City home

Christina's Tree House and courtyard room

Long Island home

Cape Cod home

Hanham Court (see more pics here

Christina is looking to open a shop (or shops) here in the States. Where do you think her particular brand of English country style would work best?


Another great interview! I want that book! :)
Cecil and Co. said…
Gorgeous, makes you want to move right in :)
Charlotta Ward said…
Fantastic images. Love all the different theme. Could move right into no 1 - it's perfect!

I wish I could be of help re the location for her shop, but I live in Australia and am not too familiar with the US retail market or city demographics. Definitely East coast..North East. Boston?

x Charlotta
Anonymous said…
I would happily live in any of those rooms as well -- so lovely!

Definitely agree her style is very well suited to the East Coast -- the area around Washington, D.C. is booming despite the economy elsewhere, so maybe that would be a good starting point? Yet I could also see this style working well in California, maybe Santa Barbara or Santa Monica? Would definitely want to visit her store!

Beautiful images and wonderfully put together spaces.
What a pretty, casual and comfortable style!
Tessa said…
Just sent my husband out to buy the book. Getting ready to listen to the interview, but I think I'm already smitten! The pictures on the Cabbages and Roses website are so beautiful - I couldn't think of anything prettier. A store in Mariemont, OH would be loveley - maybe not likely, but lovely! :)
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed this one very much - thank you ladies!

Gail said…
Love Cabbage and Rose! I have followed them for many years in the European magazines. I would love to be able to go into one of their stores, I'm sure it would be wonderfully embellished.
A location near SanDiego,California would be perfect for us!!!!
Send me a card when you'll be opening......I'll be your first customer.
Best wishes *
LiveLikeYou said…
I really think her style would work anywhere in this country! What a great idea for a blog, love the interviews!
Josh Healy said…
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Janine Marshall said…
Hi Megan, Joni and Linda,

I haven't left a comment before but really loved the interview. I am waiting (impatiently) for my copy, it's on back order. All the photo's look so stunning and looking forward to seeing more of Trisha Foley's city apartment. The harmless stalker that I am!!!! I wish Christina would open a store here in Australia (sigh). I think sometimes we can forget to collect over time and not rush out and buy everything new. I also was grateful to hear that Christina can be torn with clutter and non-clutter, just like the rest of us. That objects displayed should have a personal meaning...great job ladies, as always. I am trying over time to catch up on the podcasts that I have previously missed. Gotta love that English accent!!! Look forward to the next podcast.
Take care
Unknown said…

I feel we are all seeking visual comfort to translate mentally for ease of living. Simply pleasures such as relaxed environments work everywhere. What we seek we can find be it shop, blog, book or another's home because wonderland is anytime or place "You" want it to be.

24 Corners said…
I feel the need to watch Howards End after listening to this wonderful interview. The cozy English look has always been a comforting one for me AND I had no idea Christina was involved with Victoria magazine...I had mentioned on Joni's sight how the images from the book made me want to pull out all of my old Victoria's that I know why!

So looking forward to when C & R graces us on this side of the pond and also, to purchasing the book.

Well done ladies...
xo Jessica
Pat Reese said…
Wonderful things....what a look!!! I think it could go anywhere in the country, especially New England or CA. Not much mention of my specialty, slipcovers, but they can be an integral part of just about any English interior....