Jane Pollak - Author, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

This week Megan, Joni and Linda sit down with business coach Jane Pollak, author of "Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur".  Linda has known Jane for nearly 10 years when her book was original released. This update includes the new directions that Jane's life has taken in the last ten years, including her experiences as a blogger, something near and dear to us.

Like many of us, Jane started out doing one thing which lead her into new and unexpected directions. From art teacher to artist to coach and motivational speaker - Jane has not only seen it all, she's been through it too!

We chatted about establishing core values, establishing our own worth and charging appropriately, learning from those who have done it before us and enjoying our successes. Great stuff and as we say on the podcast "Food for thought".

Get her book: Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

(Contest closed) For a chance to win a signed copy, we'd love to hear a core value of yours, or you can visit Jane's blog and share a tidbit you learned from over there.


I loved this interview (I even think I have that copy of the 1992 Victoria magazine!) Everything Jane said really resonated with how I am trying to look at life these days. I just keep doing what I love and know that I am on the right course. I like how she mentioned that sometimes other opportunities may present themselves, and how important it is to be your own PR person.
Lauren said…
Great interview-so much truth and so much to think about! I love her definition of success and it's one to live by. I was just thinking today of 'when do you stop?' I love that she said success is knowing you're there.

I also really appreciated the dialogue about "the right client"... It's very hard for me to say 'no' and you know in your gut when something's not right so this gave me a bit more confidence. Like Joni, I feel bad once I've met or spoken with them but I'm really going to make an effort not to get involved and to leave myself an opening/ out in the initial meet-get-to-know-you process.

Great podcast...a book to find & purchase.
About saying no to clients, I have stuff I will not do & jumping to do the impossible is a no no for me now... I hand them off to others in our office that have not learned the lesson yet... jump to do 5 rooms over a holiday and long weekend, well you can imagine the crap she got from the client on presentation, it always seems to work out that way. Nothing they like, purchase nothing, and blame the designer...
Dear Joni I felt your pain I have so been there... you have to learn to say no, not easy but for yourself you must, I have walked in and walked back out stating this is not what I do...sorry...harder for me because I have a salesperson with me that wants to sell them something, but I have to take care of me and my time...I do the whole room not just 1 new chair, I have learned the more I stand up for myself to clients the more respect I get back...CAM
pve design said…
In the beginning, I said "Yes" to everything and I still find it incredibly hard to say "No" - but intuitively - one knows at the beginning of the job when it feels as if there is no pleasing or a dead end.
My father always told me that "the customer was always right" but that does not mean that your products are services are right for them. I think that is a hard lesson to learn.
Fantastic interview. As an artist and mother of three, I love creating my business while raising a good and loving family!
My Easter will never look better - Jane!
Teresa Hatfield said…
I look forward to downloading these lessons. The eggs are next on my "tackle" list. They are beautiful.
I left my job after years as a stockbroker. I felt that it was time to do what I loved, using my gift to be creative. I am in my second masters program,studying liberal arts.
I believe that if you do what you love, everything else will fall into place. I wish I had learned this lesson earlier.
Love your blog(s).
Teresa (Splendid Sass)
Elizabeth said…
I really found this interview helpful, especially the part about being your own PR person and making something out of a magazine article or publication - not just assuming the you will get automatic calls/referrals. Great advice and conversation. Thank you!
Mona Thompson said…
Great conversation. As women , I think we find it very hard to say no. I have found myself in very similar situations to Joni and it is heart wrenching. I loved her idea of becoming more specific about the type of client we want and the law of attraction will bring those to you. We have been spending time recently trying to define that better. I hope she is right. Thanks again for a wonder ful interview. Mona
Lauren said…
Am back to share the tidbit from Jane's blog for a chance to win a signed copy of her book... I love what she says about "groping"... it's how I feel a lot of the time and it's easy to be intimidated hearing how "easy" it is from others... I had never really realized that we're all constantly groping... (thought it was just me ;)
I really enjoyws this roundtable. I love hearing from individuals who are doing what they love and are successful...so inspiring! Joni, Megan and Linda...thanks so much for all your work to make these presentations happen. And thanks to Jane for taking time to share her insights! Fascinating interview!
Linda Merrill said…
Congratulations to Patricia van Essche of PVE, you've won Jane's book!

Thanks everyone for listening and commenting. I just new Jane's brand of down home optimism and practical advice would speak to all the creatives!
Olga Adler said…
Great interview! Jane is such a fantastic, authentic and generous person. I have been lucky to be in one of her Mastermind groups and attended many of her networking events. Good job!
This was a wonderful interview. I really enjoyed Jane's definition of success.