Meg Fairfax Fielding Joins the Skirted Roundtable

This week, we welcome to the Skirted Roundtable, Meg Fairfax Fielding of the popular blog, Pigtown Design.  Meg has been blogging over three years now, writing about everything from architecture to design to Baltimore to England and everything else in between.   Her popular blog, named for the historic district of Baltimore where she lives, is a rich collection of musings on whatever catches Meg's attention.  

Lately, it caught the attention of someone very handsome and popular himself - Nate Berkus.  Yes, Meg has recently been a guest on the Nate Berkus show talking about her part time escapades as a Junk Whisperer!  The producers and Nate were so happy with her first appearance, more are in the works!   Pretty impressive, no?

We invited her on to talk about her new career and her blog and life in general.   Join in and listen to find out how a blogger becomes a daytime TV star!

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Thank you for sharing. Will head on over.
Have a nice day.
Megan, Linda and Joni - What a lovely interview! Meg's passion for what she does comes shining through in her words.

Wouldn't it be fun to hit yard sales with someone so great at finding the good stuff? Very inspiring!
Pigtown*Design said…
Thank you all so much! It was such fun to spend an evening with you all!
vicki archer said…
Meg was such a pleasure to listen to....she is as charming as I imagined. Congratulations Joni, LInda and was lovely to hear a fellow blogger and to learn a little more about her life...xv
Gretchen O. said…
I have listened to this interview for the better part of the between doing a bit of treasure hunting myself....I listened to half went out and found a few finds and then came back and listened to the rest. As she said on Nate I do think "hunting" is in the blood. I am now a HUGE fan! Thanks for such a great interview. --Gretchen O.
pve design said…
Meg is so fun, such a natural huntress with a great eye!
Congrats to you Meg for being our shining star.
A wonderful interview, {again!}, Meg is lovely, and a woman after my own {hunting} heart. Like Vicki said "it was lovely to hear a fellow blogger and to learn a little more about her life. xo
Anonymous said…
Loved this interview - - interesting, informative and fun!

Concrete Jungle said…
Thanks for bringing the charming Meg to us!
Not having access to seeing Nate here in Phuket it is great fun to actually hear not just read.