All the way from Belgium, chatting with Greet LeFevre of Beligan Pearls

(Oops, somehow when updating this post with the new podcast player, it got republished with today's date. This interview originally took place in November, 2010. ~ LM)

Greet Lefevre with her husband Jan (l) and brother Stefaan (r)

The week, we chatted with the lovely Greet LeFevre of the Begian Pearls blog. Greet is an accomplished interior designer whose family business LeFevre Interiors has been in the custom cabinet making business in Belgium since the 1890's. The business is now run by Greet, her husband Jan and brother Stefaan. We chatted with Greet about Belgian design and its influences, her views on the current popularity of Belgian style here in the States and her blog Belgian Pearls.


Ooooh I can't wait to listen! I love Greet!
Greet Lefèvre said…
Joni, Linda en Megan,
I really want to thank you for the opportunity to have had this interview with you!! I do feel honored! I hope that your listeners will understand everything I tried to explain because my English is not that super!!
Thank you a thousand times girls!
Cindy said…
I am thrilled to hear that you talked to Greet! I have known her since the inception of Belgian Pearls, and she is such a warm, generous lady. I am so pleased to call her one of my blog friends.
I am going to listen to it right now.
Hugs, Cindy
Concrete Jungle said…
Charming...thank you for bringing her voice to us all!
Anonymous said…
Belgian Pearls is my first go to each day because Greet's post are so beautifully presented. I have been privileged to travel in Belgian extensively as my husband is Belgian. I also have managed to bring home some beautiful treasures as well. Greet's work is elegant and of the finest quality. I am so glad you featured her on the SRT.
Leigh Chandler said…
Wonderful to hear Greet's voice, and she is as charming to hear as to read! She has one of my very favorite blogs and I have had the pleasure of corresponding with her, too. She is so gracious and generous with her time and her designs and her company are a National treasure for Belgium! I really hope to meet her someday!
Isn't she just so darling? I am lucky in that I speak Greet's language, and we can email in both English and Dutch.

So lovely to hear her voice. It's so great that her family business is thriving. xo Lidy
I always follow Greet's blog and it was nice to hear here talking. I smiled when she said she keeps editing her writing...I have the same problem with English as my second language.
Good work girls!
Charlotta Ward said…
Greet, I so enjoyed hearing your voice. :)

It was wonderful to listen to the history of your family business. How amazing that it has been handed over from generation to generation!
I am also in awe of the fact that you have no formal training and that you as a young girl absorbed your amazing skills through experience and watching your father! It's clear the talent runs in your blood - you were born with it! You're amazing!

Thanks to all you girls.

x Charlotta
Tonia Lee Smith said…
So refreshing to hear an interview! Impressive that she learned her craft hands-on from her father. Great interview ladies!
Splendid Sass said…
I am glad I didn't miss this. I think Greet is darling, and the work she and her family do is beautiful and quality perfect!
Thank you for your sweet comments.
Have a great week!!
What a nice interview; I stop by Greet's blog from time to time, and I appreciate the European perspective. So many great nuggets. Adore the Brussels market and also day I dream to visit A.V. castle..til then I can follow Belgian Pearls...
Greet is not only incredibly talented and beautiful, but she is also one of the most generous designers that I have the honor of getting to know through blogging.
It was such a treat to hear her voice and to learn more about her and her family's business.
Thank you for this wonderful interview.

Unknown said…
SRT: What a treat! I adore Greet and her down to earth views and her believe to be true to heritage and soul!
She is so humble and warm, very typical for Belgian people.
There is a wonderful style in Belgium, influenced by French Baroque and developed into their very own.

I have followed her blog from the beginning...Wonderful!

Thank you so much!
Greet Lefèvre said…
Dear friends,
I am so thankful to all of you! I am really touched by reading all your sweet comments on my interview!
A big hug to you all!
pve design said…
Busy with my own season's greetings....but look forward to listening to Greet!
Catching up here! Congrats to Stefan!
Unknown said…
Hello Ladies!

You are the MUST with the people you invite for your talks...
Loved Greet! She is so warm and strong (well her voice makes me feel like that)! I would love to have coffee or tea with her...
That was a sooooo inspiring interview for a foreign girl like me!

I am her follow now!