Chatting with The Rue Girls Crystal Gentilello and Anne Sage

Rue Magazine's Winter 2011 issue featuring singer Ali Sudol of A Fine Frenzy launches on January 27th!

This week, we sat down with Crystal Gentilello and Anne Sage, popularly known at "The Rue Girls" to chat about their popular new digital magazine Rue. The next issue launches this week and we were excited to have a chance to dig into the world of large scale digital magazines and how they made it work. And Crystal and Anne were incredibly generous sharing their back stories and the fine details of how they make it all work!

 Anne Sage of City Sage

Crystal Gentilello of Plush Palate

Rue Magazine's photography and editorial is consistently excellent:

Note: We had some technical difficulties the evening we spoke and ended up speaking with Anne and Crystal one at a time for the first part of the interview and luckily we were able to get them both on together for the second part. We lost Crystal right at the end.

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Terry said…
Thanks for asking and especially to Crystal & Sage for discussing the business and financial sides. In the best of these partnerships, personalities, skills and interests mesh to move mountains. Best wishes to y'all and to Rue
Terry said…
P.S. to the Great Skirted Ones: Y'all's work remains original, one-of-a-kind, and a major breath of fresh air. And, you are getting better and better at it.
EFT Therapy said…
I couldn't agree more! Their magazine is such a great source of style and home decor tips and ideas.
brittni said…
What an inspiring podcast. It was great to hear a little more from the founders of a magazine that I love so much. Thank you for putting this together. It was a great way to start the morning.
This is all really a whole new world for me! I have subscribed to few digital magazines and it was just so worth the while!

This rue magazine looks very interesting.

Nice girls, nice cover, nice photographs!

Good luck!
I've "talked" with Anne a couple of times and she's the sweeties and smartest girl in this business. She's really special and I see why she's successful.

Great post!


Luciane at

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Boxwood Terrace said…
This was such an inspiring discussion to hear how these women turned their passion into a successful business. I was very impressed with their business sense and determination. Best wishes to Crystal and Anne for continued success and thanks SRT for hosting the discussion.
Concrete Jungle said…
Wow...what a podcast! These young women sound very switched on and were gracious beyond words.It is eye opening to think of all the possibilities. Then there is the was so huge I was amazed. As always thank you ladies!
benson said…
such an informative interview and great questions you asked (all the things I thought about at one time or another!)
Mona thompson said…
Loved the interview! It is so refreshing to hear from young, talented energetic people. I wish them all the best. They are certainly on their way!
Anonymous said…
the girls are truly delightful. great coverage!
Anonymous said…
I LOVED this interview . . . the 3 of you did a super job. I was struck by how smart and well-spoken Anne and Crystal are, and wow - - such hard workers! Ahhhh, to be in my 20's again. Soooo much more energy!

Well done!

Very much love that SRT has the Rue Girls on the heels of, for example, David Easton; wonderful mix and all about quality. This was very informative and motivating; look forward to much more good stuff from this duo~
Great interview! Loved hearing more about RUE and how it was conceived. These are two very smart and hard working ladies...admire them both for what they have accomplished!
Wow, what kind comments! Thank you so much everyone! Your support and well wishes for our endeavor means the world to us!