Chatting with Suzanne Rheinstein

Just before Christmas we chatted with the lovely and gracious Suzanne Rheinstein, owner of Hollyhock in Los Angeles. We chatted about her background in media and television news, her childhood in New Orleans and her mother's influence on her design aspirations, her store Hollyhock in LA and her amazing apartment in New York City. Join us!




Splendid Sass said…
I love her work so much!
Beautiful post.
Terry said…
Bob Christian. I hope he has proteges, many proteges.
Mona thompson said…
Love the interview. She is so talented and soo gracious. I could listen to her talk forever. Got her book for Christmas but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'm taking it to bed with me. Thanks so much to all of you.
Concrete Jungle said…
Off to find the book....those murals...those floors...Divine!
I found it fascinating to learn about Suzanne's life. It's interesting to see how she reinvented herself along the way - a talented woman. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed this interview thoroughly!

I love these looks:) great designs
Suzanne, you are my style hero. And always will be! Shiree'