Catching up with Joe Ruggiero

This week, we sat down with Joe Ruggiero, a man who has done it all in the design industry. From broadcaster to pitchman, marketing guru and product designer, Joe's career has touched on all facets of the industry and it was fascinating to hear how he was always ready to seize the opportunities as they presented themselves. We discussed his beautiful collections of furnishings, casegoods, outdoor furniture and Sunbrella fabrics (which he uses indoors and out).


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Joe Ruggiero said…
I thought you did a great job of digging for the story. Thank you all and now let's get this on television.
Enjoyed this roundtable with Joe. I've always enjoyed watching him on TV. Love his enthusiasm!
Chris LeGoff said…
I've always admired Joe Ruggiero's work so seeing it here with such terrific examples has made my day. Thanks!
and yet another great interview - isn't Joe just the best!?!??! Such style, so well-spoken, and such amazing enthusiasm for design.

Another great interview ladies. Our house was featured many years ago on Homes Acrosss America. He was so kind and approachable! A pleasure to work with and a consumate pro.
Laura Davidson said…
Joe is a pleasure to meet, and an inspiration! His designs with fabrics and frames are impeccable, as usual!
Anonymous said…
Yes, please do a pop up store on Montana! This was a great interview. I miss real designers on HGTV, and Joe had the best show. Maddie
Dianne said…
What a lovely gentleman!!! I miss real designers on HGTV, especially him. He is the best of the best!!! A dinner conversation with him would be a dream come true! Great interview girls....get it on TV!
Terry said…
Thanks so much, there is still nothing like this. To Mr. Ruggiero, thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us via the Great Skirted Ones.
ANNiE Hall said…
Love Mr. Ruggiero's sense of style. It's not only timeless and classic, but gorgeous. It seems achievable and easy to live with. I'd love to occupy the space between his ears for a day. There's something about his voice that I find ever so comforting as well. When I've seen him on the tele, I'm transported.
Cheers, ANNiE (Artist & Author of Oddnia)
Kare said…
I have two dog earred copies of Traditional Home Sept 2006featuring his home and garden. His backyard is a slice of heaven!!!!

Anonymous said…
What a pleasure! Homes Across America was my favorite show on HGTV for a long time . . . I wish he could bring it back!

What a gentleman.

Anonymous said…
Please bring the Joe Ruggieros and Kitty Bartholomews back to HGTV. Cannot even watch HGTV anymore with all the silly, tacky makeover shows. Miss oogling over the beautiful homes and gardens that were so graciously introduced by the likes of Mr. Ruggiero. Great interview, ladies!
Regine said…
Wow, what fun this morning to hear you all sharing this design pioneer with us.
It was great to conjure up my early HGTV memories of he, Bartholomew, Chris Madden. Lordy, the show with Leslie Uggams I had totally forgotten about!
What is most interesting to me is his constant moving ahead and innovative attitude!
His closing comments were great. Encouraging you three to take it up a notch and for everyone to follow opportunities.
Karena said…
A great interview! Really enjoyed listening to Joe and all of his ventures!

I agree with Joni The Sunbrella fabrics are just amazing for indoor lines, the look of silk etc.

Art by Karena
Teacats said…
Fantastic interview! What a charming man! He MUST do another book! And I just adored Homes Across America -- and I certainly wish that HGTV would bring this who back -- the whole channel has suffered without such wonderful shows!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage
Anonymous said…
Loved the interview! Please forward these comments to HGTV! I might actually watch again if they would get more shows like Homes Across America! I would even like to see the reruns. A few years back I contacted HGTV to see if I could buy Copies of HAA and was told they are not available. I emailed Joe and he responded and called me!
Tina Ramer
I've always loved Joe Ruggiero! Great post!
Unknown said…
Wonderful interview!
I remember many years ago, when I first came to the States in 1994, it all just started and Architectural Digest was the magazine which kicked off my interest in Interior Design. I have watched his show from the start.
He is so charming, down to earth! I miss his presence at HGTV! He has such background in everything! Talk of multitasking!
I really hate how HGTV is now down to sales shows at prime time.
(My prime time anyway!)
Reinventing is Joe's middle name!
Just fabulous!
Keep following your dream!

Thank you ladies of SRT!
MaroDe said…
What a great interview!Thank you for giving us this opportunity!
Just Stunning- I love the History-Rustic Print in the back, That art is just beautiful...
Thanks For Inspiration..
Anonymous said…
Loved Homes Across America,hope HGTV brings it back.
Anonymous said…
Would also buy copies of Homes Across America.
Vicki Robb said…
I just discovered your site and am fascinated with it.
Vicki Robb
Art Furniture said…
When and where was the interview. I missed that part. Anyway his works are simply superb!!
O.Weiss Designs said…
Love Joe’s calm and inspirational approach to Interior Design. Such talent. We need Joe back on the little screen.