Getting "Faux Real" with designer Jamie Drake

Last week, Megan and Linda held our first ever in-person interview when we sat down with interior designer Jamie Drake in the press office at the High Point Market. Jamie had just addressed the press breakfast, discussing upcoming trends in interior design, melding his own work with the trend forecasting of event sponsor Swarovski Elements. We chatted with Jamie about his background and how he came to be known as the "King of Color".  We discussed in detail the rooms shown below so you'll be able to follow along.

    We missed Joni on this trip, but had a lot of fun doing an in-person interview - background noise and all!


Diane Stewart said…
This was great! I'm a purple person, so I adore him. He sounded so real and relaxed, I loved the high-low talk. However, his decorating budgets are more than most homes are worth here in the Midwest. But it was great anyway, I love to listen to these interviews, I always get so much out of them. Please do more, it seems there's been a dry spell lately.
Concrete Jungle said…
Love the fort descriptions...a lucky man to have all his wishes and hard work come the Faux Real descriptions - would make a great blog title!
Anonymous said…
So well done! Enjoyed it very much . . .

I love hearing the continued talk from the morning presentation he gave! So sad Joni couldn't make it down to join in on all the fun. I've seen Jamie speak before and he's just such a wonderful lecturer; never boring and so personable!
Mike Springer said…
Is this the first time Megan and Linda have met in person?
Great interview as usual!!
Claudia Juestel said…
I have had the pleasure of interviewing Jamie myself. Great designer, great guest, and the nicest person.

Thoroughly enjoyed your chat!


He is Great Designer, he's a true King of color!The colors He mixed up on a particular space are just perfectly-fine and Fascinating Combos!Interviews are done very well!Love this Site so much!
He is a great designer and it is so useful and enlightening to hear him talk about his designs.
Wonderful interview - loved the hubbub I could hear in the background.

The program he had at - was it Parsons? - sounded like such a great grounding for his career. What a talent. Colors do sing different songs next to one another, he really exploits this.

He sell himself as well as his work, what an outfit he is wearing !