Leslie Sinclair Visits the Skirted Roundtable

Last week, we welcomed Leslie Sinclair to The Skirted Roundtable. Leslie is from Houston where she owns a very successful paint finishes company Segreto Finishes.  Additionally, Leslie has just written a gorgeous design book that highlights many of the beautiful houses she has worked on.  

Leslie's gorgeous book.

Leslie explained all the different paint finishes that are currently in vogue.  Paint is very trendy - the bright and garish faux treatments of the 80s and 90s have disappeared in favor of very subtle treatments that provide more of a texture instead of color.  Leslie is a real dyamo - a successful business owner, a mother and wife, and now an author!  She is adorable, and very, very sweet.  She tells us how she went from working in the coroporate world to starting a small paint company that today is a very large one that employs over 25 people! 
Segreto is known for their gorgeous paint finishes on cabinets.  Here are pictures of various cabinets they have painted over the years.

The book, Segreto - Guide to Finishing Beautiful Interiors - is a stunner.   The pictures of  the interiors are simply beautiful. Leslie has worked some of the prettiest houses - and the book is filled with them - page after page. It is an absolutely gorgeous book, one of the prettiest published this year.

The time flew by as we discussed the book, her business, and everything in between.
We learned so much about wall treatments, plaster, and what's hot and what's not.  Be sure to listen, I guarantee you a great time!!

A beautiful kitchen featured in Segreto.

To order Leslie's book, Segreto, please go HERE.

If you would like a chance to win an signed copy of Segreto Finishes, leave a comment below telling us what most interested you about our interview with Leslie. She's a real DIY'er at heart and there's much to learn from her story!


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Unknown said…
I'm in the middle of bathroom remodeling . . . at the messy stage and just reading the blog and looking at the photos gives me hope that something lovely will emerge! Thanks for sharing.
cbw said…
This podcast is not showing up in iTunes. Also, will you start including an ending date for the contests associated with the podcasts? I would like to know how long I have to listen to the podcast and then to comment.
Cindy said…
Hi ladies,
I enjoyed all of it, so fun to hear someone who has successfully begun her own business and written a design book.
Hugs, Cindy
Linda Merrill said…
CBW - it takes a day or so for the podcasts to show up on iTunes. Contests deadlines are flexible, based on our schedules, but usually it's about 10 days.
I have to agree with Leslie's comment about walls not being the first thing you notice when you walk into a room. I began a decorative paint studio in Charlotte called "Edifice" in the late 80s and like Leslie I'm self taught. My first customers were antique dealers and brokers who wanted their treasures to be center stage not the walls,ceilings and trim. Creating settings that looked as if they'd always belonged led me to cabinetry and furnishings that also appeared as subtle and sophisticated as their original counterparts;the great divide between decorative painters and faux-ers!
Victoria said…
Your interview with Leslie was fascinating. I enjoyed hearing how she developed her paint techniques by trying them out on her own walls.

She described one house she painted many years ago and used the technique of bringing the gypsum plaster all the way to the floor, eliminating baseboards and door casings. That sounds like a treatment that could work as well with a contemporary as a European decor. Her work is beautiful and I would love to have her book.

Anonymous said…
I loved the fact that she is self-taught based on her passion for learning, and that she published her own book because she had written one. Excellent lesson on not putting up roadblocks to your own success and happiness.
Anthony Spence said…
I am very glad to know about Leslie Sinclair..She just a wonderful lady..Thanks for sharing her experience with us..
Diane Stewart said…
What interested me most about listening to Leslie was the talk about painting floors. My home had alternating wood floors and carpet, a cheapo builders' trick. I replaced the carpeting with wood, but wasn't able to have the old floors stripped and matched at the same time. Now, the thought of moving all the furniture from four rooms to have them refinished is overwhelming, along with the fact that all the quarter round would have to be ripped out and replaced. But, maybe painting them all the same would be a DIY option.
Kennedy said…
I enjoyed listening to Leslie's interview. She's so down to earth and good to know she will take on a small projects as well as a big one. Thanks for doing the skirted roundtable with her.
Meg said…
I love that she taught herself! Her thoughts on layers of paint are so interesting.
Anonymous said…
I love listening to a true artist who really enjoys what they do. Loved the part where you discuss decorating your own home and leaving part of a project undone that can be covered up.Can so relate!! For me when I'm in a hurry and need to have my home ready for a special occasion, I tell myself I'll do it later when I have more time, and only do what can be seen!! Glad to hear real professionals do it too!! Will definitely buy Leslie's book. She's is gifted and an inspiration.

Anonymous said…
Thank you for a delightful and informative interview! I learned so much . . . actually, what interested me the most was her can-do attitude, in particular with the self-publishing of her gorgeous book. What an accomplishment! Leslie is obviously enormously talented, but what made the interview so enjoyable was her warm and down-to-earth personality.

Crossing my fingers for a win!

Kare said…
What a great interview from a gracious and talented lady. I liked her suggestion: start with a smaller project and do not do the entire house.
Kelsey said…
I also agree that when u walk into a room and a "faux finish" screams at you is why people think so negatively towards them. Oh, and just the fact that she published her own book and made it so massive is pretty awesome too!
elizabeth t said…
I love how she was so "real". How she will do all kinds of jobs...small and large. And how she is so willing to share her secrets in her new book. I can't wait to get it!
Marybeth said…
Another great interview! As an interior designer, I found this discussion so interesting, especially the emphasis on subtlety of finishes. I love muted finishes with a sense of patina, and Leslie's work really captures this---such talent. I subscribe to her blog, and I'm a big fan--I'd love to work with her one day, unfortunately I'm in NY. At least I get a chance to win her book! thanks
Amy Chalmers said…
I really enjoyed listening to this discussion with Leslie. So many things were covered, and I learned a lot. Loved hearing about the floors, the way she started her business and her unassuming nature was a breath of fresh air! I went to her blog during the podcast and was looking through her posts while listening.
Patricia said…
I just love the fact that she just goes for it and does everything herself - sounds like she never fails either. I would like to try one of her techniques in my house.
Sharon said…
It was a joy to feel Leslie's enthusiasm for her chosen occupation. She is truly an inspiration for those of us who are a bit hesitant to turn our passion into a business.
Marissa Guillory said…
I was inspired by Leslie starting a new venture after having three kids as well as leaving her corporate job. Leslie also seems so down to earth, yet one can tell she has great confidence in what she is doing. Thank you for sharing some tips with us. I love plaster walls and painted floors!
I look forward to seeing and maybe owning her book sometime.
I am so glad I listened to this very interesting interview!
Leslie is a wonderful and very talented designer and businesswoman!
Amazing! Can't wait to have her book on my coffee table!
Leslie Sinclair said…
Thanks so much to the SRT gals for interviewing such an unknown--me- on such a wonderful show!!!!!! xo Leslie
Lana said…
I loved the podcast. I especially like the fact that Leslie has no professional training had a vision and went for it. Her finishes are beautiful and the look would also work well in Canada.
Please enter me in the draw for the book.
that kitchen is really something!:D
Hello SRT!- It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and work in my jewelry studio - and when I do and have some monotonous tasks to accomplish, it's the SRT podcasts I listen too. These interviews make my work so pleasant! Thank you!

This interview was just great - it made me itching to pick up a paintbrush. What a lovely talent Leslie is. The love for her work comes through so clear. If the images are an indication, her book must be marvelous. Thanks again for a fantastic interview.

Amy Chalmers said…
Linda, Thanks so much for letting me know I won Leslie's book! I am beyond thrilled to know I will be getting a signed copy for my design book collection. I really relate to painting furniture and cabinets and hope to learn a lot from this most talented lady! She creates the most elegant things with her paint techniques!!
Anonymous said…
Great discussion with Leslie. I own her book and love the finishes. I live in the Dallas area, so not sure if she works outside of Houston. I am on a limited budget, own a home where costly remodeling would price it out of the neighborhood, yet trying some of her finishes on a DIY level might improve the resale. Does she have any product recommendations for a DIY approach? Paints & glazes? Or does every paint line have their choices and it just depends on color? Thanks so much.....