SRT Congratulates the AD100 and SRT Alumni

To great fanfare, Architectural Digest has release it's new AD100 list. The Skirted Roundtable gals would like to send a big shout out to some of our past interviewees who have made the list!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard - click here to listen to our interview

And finally, I had interviewed Thad Hayes pre-SRT and since it was doing this interview that put the idea of SRT in my head to begin with, I feel it's appropriate to include my interview with him here.

8 of AD's 100 list isn't bad. But we've got a long way to go! We're in "talks" with some other's on the list and will hopefully be able to announce them soon!


Terry said…
Congrats to the AD100, to the GSOs', (Great Skirted Ones) and to us for the pleasure. The Skirted Ones rule the AD100 (and everything else). Bravo.
Splendid Sass said…
They certainly all are fabulous designers! So happy to see them on the list.
Thank y'all for posting this, along with the great interviews.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to the AD100, and also to you ladies for those wonderful interviews . . . something to be very proud of!

Looking forward to the next one,

Windlost said…
Oh, how exciting. I have listened to all of them, except somehow I missed Martyn Lawnrence Bullard last month! Where the heck was I? Must go listen now!

Keep up the good work ladies. You entertain and improve my days with your podcasts!! :)

xo Terri