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*Before I get into this post, I wanted to let you know that Phoebe Howard is offering a 20% discount and a bonus color chart when purchasing, The Joy of Decorating at the Phoebe Howard website. Please scroll down to the end of the post for the code. Now, on with the show.......

This week, designer, Southern style expert, retailer and author (are you exhausted yet?)  Phoebe Howard stops by to chat with us. This woman is incredibly prolific and seemingly tireless. When she sets out to create something, she often does it in multiples. Open a home store?  Heck, open 3! It's my guess that her new book, The Joy of Decorating, will be the first of several - or at least I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

 If you haven't checked out this beautiful book, it's FULL of page after page of inspiring rooms. The collaborations with her builder/designer husband, are showcased throughout. The two work as a pair, complementing each other's eye for detail and precision.

If you look closely, you'll see the signature, nailhead detail that husband, Jim Howard applies to many of his jobs. Not to be missed, either, is that eye for detail when it comes to positioning the pattern on the fabric so that the sconces are perfectly centered.

  As always we ask Mrs. Howard (as she and her, eponymous, shop is known) the story behind going from being a stay-at-home mom to becoming one of the most noted designers of our time. As with so many of our guests, her's is a story that will inspire. And as an added bonus, she reveals a new project, never been discussed until now!


Also, as a gift to  our listeners, using this code: SRTJOD  you will receive a 20% off discount when you buy the book via the, Phoebe Howard website When you buy the book through her site you will also receive an exclusive free paint chart listing Phoebe's favorite 15 color combinations for walls, trim and ceilings. (while supplies last)




Love her work! Always serene and beautiful!!
Thank you for this interview.

A great chat as always. I've been a HUGE fan of Phoebe's work for years!

Terry said…
Bravo: A deep bow to the Howards and the GSO's, getting the job done as usually. Really appreciate designers telling their colors. The pros "know" colors, folks like me don't. I when remember Suzanne Kasler named her "whites" on the SRT.
Anonymous said…
Could use instructions on how to listen to this podcast...sorry, but this is new to me. thanks!
Linda Merrill said…
Hi Anon - there should be a white & green player bar right above a line that reads "Podcast Powered by Podbean" click the bar and it should play. If you're not seeing the player, you might have an old browser. Perhaps try to upgrade your browser, or go to and see if you can play it from that site. Or, download via iTunes.
Pigtown*Design said…
Excellent, as always. I can't wait to see the furniture line in HP later this month.
Joyce said…
Really enjoyed this conversation. Phoebe's work is stunning. I
love her positive energy.
Unknown said…
Cannot seem to play this on my iPad- blurgh!
Loved this interview!! Phoebe's work is wonderful. Sadly I missed the part about the color chart only coming with the books ordered from the shop when Joni first posted on her book (I immediately ordered mine through Amazon and no chart:(


p.s. I have major issues downloading into my ipod and several of my very favorite podcasts recently disappeared when I was uploading something, and now I can't find my two all-time favorites to re-download: Brooke Giannetti and Stephen Druker's interview on itunes. Any advice where/how to find them to download?! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
The Howard's work, both individually and collectively is beautifully executed. Rumors abound, however, that they are slow to pay their fabricators. They are talented, but it's those people who work behind the scenes that make the beautiful drapery, bedding, etc., that get little credit.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed this episode! I was inspired by Phoebe's story, from her beginnings to her general philosophy. While very professional, she didnt use a lot of vague terminology or act guarded like she was keeping some big expensive secret. Her confidence is her biggest asset. I'm looking forward to receiving my book and color chart, and strongly considering painting more rooms so my whites and neutrals will work better. Thanks, ladies! - JHG
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Thanks, Linda, with your help getting the podcast (would not work on my iPad)...really enjoyed listening!!! I've been to both stores here in Atlanta, they are BEAUTIFUL! Phoebe's story is so inspiring. You three do a great job with the interview...thanks!
Linda Merrill said…
Hi Joan- unfortunately, iTunes only keeps the 20 most recent podcasts. However, you can always listen to all here. If you are using an iPad or iPhone you will need to go to the podcast host at and you will be able to find all our podcasts there. Thank you!!
Linda Merrill said…
Hi Joan- unfortunately, iTunes only keeps the 20 most recent podcasts. You can find all of them here on the blog, or if you have an iPhone or iPad you can listen at Thanks!
thanks Linda, will look into that!

Anonymous said…
I'm new to Mrs. Howard and to these pod casts, but I was quite taken with Phoebe's demeanor - very accessible. relaxed, and open.

All the interviewers did fine jobs of eliciting great information.

You can all be proud! Joni, I owe you. Were it not for your great blog, I wouldn't have known about this.
Diane Stewart said…
Really enjoyed this, got her book at the library but it's so nice I may buy it. I'm not a "blue" person but I like how calm her rooms look. Love the pale pink bedroom. I love your podcasts, please have more of them!
SD said…
This decorating book has inspired me so much. Phoebe Howard's work is always beautiful and serene. I just bought a new home and I'm decorating it room by room with the help of Simply Decorate. While I do work for Simply Decorate, I can honestly say that their Online Interior Design Service is a huge help. They are really worth checking out.