Linda and Joni Chat With Alexa Hampton

This week, Linda and Joni sat down to talk with Alexa Hampton, the popular and very talented interior designer. Unfortunately, Megan was off on jury duty!

Alexa, now 40ish, took over her father's highly respected interior design firm, Mark Hampton LLC, after his untimely death at just 58.   A graduate of Brown University, she was only 27 at the time - so young!  Alexa tells us all about how and why she bought the firm outright from her mother.   

Mark Hampton

Alexa is a bonafide Type A personality (aren't they all?) and it comes through loud and clear in her voice.  She is very, very, very WARM and friendly.   She might be the most friendly designer we have talked to yet.

The living room of a large estate recently designed by Alexa Hampton

Besides her busy career, Alexa is also a wife and mother.   She is married to a businessman from Greece and they now have twin sons and a little girl who was born on the anniversary of her father's passing.  On the day of our interview, it was her daughter's 4th birthday and they were on their way to celebrate it at Le Cirque!

A beautiful bedroom pictured in Alexa's design book.

We talk shop:   Alexa describes how she works with clients and her design process, along with how she presents the plans.  

The famous flush mount light fixture Alexa designed while in her bathtub.

She is a very, very busy lady.  Besides her interior design work, she has a line of furniture with Hickory Chair, a line of rugs with Stark a fabric collection with Kravet, and she designs light fixtures for Visual  Comfort.  One of her designs was bought by Restoration Hardware and is a best seller - while her flush mount fixture (pictured above) is one of the most popular fixtures at Visual Comfort.  

Alexa's work is often published, and she is continually named to Architectural Digest's Top 100.  And, to top it all, she is the author of a design book that shows many of her projects.  One interesting thing about her book is she shows the inspiration boards that go along with the pictures:

Alexa includes inspiration boards in the book to go along with the pictures.  


Oh my...I think one of my favorites...learned so much and she is so open and humble...Very refreshing. Thanks so much girls. A real treat. Mona
AMKS said…
So interesting and it!

Would love for you all to do a special episode on tech tools/software that interior designers would find helpful: iPad and Penultimate, etc. Scheduling and billing apps...

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
The sound quality was not good.
Beth said…
I have listened to every Skirted Roundtable, love them, and am so eager to hear Alexa. But, is it just me....I cannot get this to even load! It simply is stalled out. Perhaps you are having some tech problems today?
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Unknown said…
She is one of my favs. Thanks for the insight, I really didn't know that much about her! Great post.
Pigtown*Design said…
I met Alexa at the launch for her book at Rosselli in NYC. I had arrived from filming the Nate Show, dragging a suitcase. She leapt up - in 5+ inch heels, no less - to help me get settled and freshened up. Such a great gal!
Patty Logan Designer's Resource said…
What a great interview and I loved her telling of her dad!Your comment about the industry accepting her filling the shoes of her dad was sincere and her answers were wonderful. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree!
Unknown said…
Alexa might be the nicest designer I've ever met. She is just a sweet, kind, positive person all around. It's so refreshing! She has such great energy and is such a talented designer. She is always a pleasure!
Diane Stewart said…
I really love her book, and I loved her dad. I'm so happy to find out that she's such a lovely person too. I'm really looking forward to another book. Thanks so much!
vicki archer said…
ooh fascinating...thank you for sharing! xv
I always learn something neat or interesting when I listen to your podcast. Really Enjoyed this one. Loved Alexa's confidence and positive outlook. With her attitude about life and how she treats her clients, her career is just going to continue to excel. Looking forward to buying her book.
Anonymous said…
This was very cool. Major fan of Alexa and her late father. I was very lucky to have met him before his passing. The sound quality was not great, but I was able to hear the humbleness and brilliant advice which is important.

To AMKS, I think you would love to learn more about Studio Webware. I am addicted to it and have built my business helping interior designers with it. It's amazing.
Alexa hamption is such a brilliant designer .It is difficult to understand how she can manage her domestic life and professional , she is such hard worker and creative women. Landscape designs
Anonymous said…
What a great interview! She is indeed so humble and gracious, and so very talented. Congratulations on a great SRT interview!

suzanne vachon said…
Thanks for a great Interview with Alexa Hampton,it is so comforting to find out that Mark Hampton's legacy is alive and his daughter has a great talent of her own.
Anonymous said… lovin' Alexa's style. Great post!
Joni and Linda- Thanks you far a fantastic interview! So beautiful to hear how Alexa is carrying on her fathers dreams - I loved her story of how he carefully pried his way into the career he always wanted.

Alexa's business advice was lovely and gracious as well. Bravo!


Wow! She's a sweetheart. I admire her even more.

Great job, Joni and Linda.


Luciane at
Thank you so much!! It is so refreshing to see transparency in our industry and it is SO uplifting!