Chatting with Miles Redd

This week Joni, Megan and Linda had the pleasure of sitting down with the fabulously talented and charming Miles Redd. Known for his exuberant use of color, pattern and pizazz, Miles took us through his career beginnings, his style choices and his fantastic new book The Big Book of Chic
 published by Assouline.

Miles' iconic New York townhouse exterior

The Zebra Door - one of Miles' only "two" original ideas (per Miles...)

The mirrored David Adler room transplanted from Chicago to Miles' townhouse bathroom. Yes, it's a dinner party in the bathroom. 

Miles' first NYC apartment in 14th Street. Note his own life drawings with black tape "frames"

The Houston living room - another view of a well documented room

So listen in!


You know I had to stop in my tracks when I saw Miles Redd. I love his work so much, and I have posted on his work so many times. He really is a nice person.
Thank you for sharing, sweet friend.
Windlost said…
Love this! Miles Redd is just the most adventurous, fun decorator and so handsome too! His book is on my Christmas list! Enjoyed the interview - he is lovely and generous. I like him even more now!

Great interview girls.
xo's Terri
okay - seriously ladies . . . it's almost midnight here on the west coast . . . but, I couldn't close my eyes and go to sleep until I finished listening to your AMAZING interview with Miles Redd.

Kudos to each of you for such great chat with such a charming designer.

I hope to spend the night dreaming of chinoiserie valances.

Margaret said…
Wow! Wasn't he fun!
Fabulous interview ! I'm in my workroom making draperies and listening, I just love how he gives so much credit to his tradespeople. His book will be my Christmas present to me !
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the intereview. I'm a regular to the skirted roundtable and I feel so lucky to learn all the things that you lucky designers get to live every day.

I'm 48, raised in Houston and work in oil & gas but I should've always chosen this for a career, but instead it's my 1st love and hobby and you've given me so much more than a book or subscription can.

Thank you!

Anonymous said…
Great guest with so much potential information and insight to offer, but lost in all the obvious young girl giggles and groupie mentality. Seriously, I listened to the entire interview and came away with literally nothing of substance. May I suggest that you ask your readers to propose some questions they would like to ask your future guests. There is so much to learn and appreciate about the career and experiences of your guests, but so much time is wasted simply fawning and acting like school girls. BTW, when was the last time someone said "it takes a straight village" to decorate a house?
Look really great, love the first pic, thanks for sharing!
Shauna said…
Heart Miles. Great interview. His unpretentious warmth and generosity made me love him and his work even more.

Plus, I love me some Cecil Beaton black and white!
Barbara Segal said…
Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful interview with Miles Redd. It was so refreshing to listen to a Miles kind words about how he believes in crediting everyone he works with. I finished listening to this very late in the evening, and am so glad I did. I can't wait to read his book! Your interview Linda, Joni, and Megan with Miles Redd was so refreshing, that I plan to share this others I've worked as an example of how one can stay grounded and kind with the climb of success. Of course this is only, if they will take my call personally. (wink, wink)

Kudos to each of you, I am a big fan of Skirted Roundtable and the education it brings to our Industry.
Taylor said…
This book looks amazing. Like the dinner party in his bathroom? Never heard of that before! So fun!