Chatting with Nathan Turner

Every once in a, design, while a book comes out that exactly captures the essence of American design. A style that transcends time and trend to become a reference of comfortable, classic design aesthetic.  Los Angeles Designer, and owner of the eponymous showroom, Nathan Turner has done just that with his debut as an author of Nathan Turner's American Style: Classic Design and Effortless Entertaining This is a book that is not only great coffee table decoration but a pragmatic approach to design . Its sleek pages give way to user friendly advice and easily translated ideas, on any budget.

 This week we sit with Nathan and discuss his, image rich, book filled with easy to do, home ideas, celebrity clients' homes and a look into his own, personal, family life.  He refreshingly shares with us the ups and downs of his professional life and offers up great advice for emerging designers. And, yes, we even ask the self-proclaimed, non-drama-kinda-guy, about his stint and exit on Bravo TV's, "Million Dollar Decorator" (Making us love him all the more).

A bedroom in actress, Ione Sky's, Los Angeles home uses Peter Dunham's, 'Fig' fabric creating an eye catching combination of mid-century design and a current textile favorite.

Environmentalist and actor, Adrien Grenier, sits in his LEED certified home, designed by Nathan. 

 Nathan's family enjoying their time together in the, Lake Tahoe home, that he decorated. 

Actress, Amanda Peet, sits on the stairs of her Nathan designed, Los Feliz, California home. (photo via: style court )

Come have a listen, and if you have the book, grab it as we discuss.


Windlost said…
I think Nathan is just the best - fun, relaxed, cool. Can't wait to read his book and hear the podcast. :)

Anonymous said…
Talented and nice -- my favorite kind of interviewee. Can't wait for your upcoming interviews, and thanks again for providing such an interesting forum.
Megan, Joni and Linda, I enjoyed this interview so much. Nathan sounds like a great guy and I love that he uses color in his interiors! I just ordered the book from Amazon. The few pics I saw there were wonderful and his rooms look real, like a real family could live there. Love that! Once it arrives, I'll have to come back by and listen to the interview again so I can keep up with "the class." :) I listen to your podcasts via itunes most of the time now, but wanted to stop by to say thanks for a great interview!
Tina said…
I'm so glad you ladies are back at it! Was thrilled to see a new interview up; what a treat Nathan Turner is. Thanks for the great discussion. Love his work and the perspective he takes on it.
Jennifer said…
Another great SRT interview! I loved hearing Nathan, especially after enjoying season 2 of MDD so much. I thought it was much better than season 1; I could be wrong, but it seemed like there was more emphasis on decorating? Of course, I'm going to love any show that includes decorating a house on Nantucket!

Anonymous said…
Great interview. Looking forward to the next one!
Megan, Joni and Linda- Thanks for another great interview!

What a charming, talented guest! The book sounds wonderful and I will have to get my hands on it. I would love to see more photographs of Adrian Grenier's home.