Charlotte Moss Returns to The Skirted Roundtable!

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to chat for a second time with the fabulous Charlotte Moss who is our first repeat guest here at The Skirted Roundtable. You can listen to our first chat here.  She is, it goes without saying, an iconic interior designer, but she's also a truly inspirational woman. Her latest book Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages, and Inspirations catalogs her love of scrap booking as a way of self-expression and as a way of documenting her life and travels. The book also features the scrapbooks and thoughts on scrapbooking of some other famous women including Gloria Vanderbilt, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Pauline Trigere, Elsie de Wolfe, and SRT alum Alexa Hampton and Deborah Needleman.

The book is a visual feast for the eyes and so jammed packed with images that it needs to be taken in small bites and savored.  We also chat with Charlotte about her travels, photography, gardening and what's coming up in her fabulous life!

Please have a listen to the podcast and come back here to leave a comment about our conversation. We'll be selecting one commenter at random to receive a copy of Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages, and Inspirations for your library!



Charlotte is the real deal and I am so looking forward to all of you gals chatting! Have a good time everyone, I am sure your joy will come across the airways.
Jeannine said…
Charlotte Moss is a fascinating woman!!She is very famous and yet so down to earth. Truly enjoyed this interview! Thank You!
Victoria said…
What a fascinating interview! I'll have to read her book and take another look at scrap booking from her perspective.
really looking forward to listening to this - perfect way to start my Tuesday morning :)
Marion said…
I love her books and her work. I am curious to know about her education and if she attended a school specializing in interior design.
WOW, this looks like a beautiful book! EVen the cover is intriguing! I met Charlotte at the Phoebe Howard Book signing last year, she was wearing a fabulous long BLack and white striped skirt with wrap blouse.. ultra feminine! THis is a great post as usual gals!!
xo Karolyn
The Relished Roost
Anonymous said…
Always a pleasure to listen and learn at the skirted round table, but I especially love Ms Moss. I am anxious to get my hands on this book to look at her photos of gardens and her travels. Thanks, Leigh Ann landgallard at yahoo dot com
Diane Stewart said…
Great interview with a great woman! I've loved Charlotte for years, and have read all her books from the beginning. She's so down to earth, and I love her curious spirit. I don't scrapbook per se, but keep tear sheets in notebooks for inspiration. Thanks so much for TSR interviews, they're fascinating. Looking forward to more!
Cyndia said…
Charlotte Moss is divine! I met her in Nashville a few years ago and heard her speak. She is as lovely in person as in print. I have her other books and would love this one!
Cyndia said…
Forgot to add my email is!
Anonymous said…
I love Charlotte Moss. I had the pleasure of visiting her townhouse shop in NYC several years ago. What a feast for the soul! jen at dwellonthesethings dot com
Anonymous said…
Who knew scrapbooking was the start of it all? Fascinating interview, as always.

Felicia said…
Loved this interview! I tried to find the first Charlotte Moss interview on iTunes but none of the older Skirted Round Table podcasts seem to be available.
Linda Merrill said…
Felicia and Marion - you can listen to our first podcast by clicking the link to the left under SRT Gals Sit Down With. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Ms. Moss is a truly inspiring person! I have always admired her work but the SRT interview made me appreciate the person and passion behind her work!. Would love for her to do a book about inspiring women like you discussed at the end of the interview.
And many thanks to the SRT Gals for providing such a wonderful venue.
Debbie at
What more can one say - no one else compares. She is so inspirational! this is the only book of hers I don't own, would love a copy for my collection. Pick me! haha
Sammy said…
Love all the color and would love to have the book!
Decor To Adore said…
I was SO excited for this Skirted Round table as Charlotte Moss is truly one of my favorites.

I love how during the conversation Ms. Moss talks about one's eye and taste evolving....getting better over time.

I am a HUGE scrapbooker/collage creator so my fingers are tightly crossed.
Anonymous said…
Excellent interview! I loved it and I love all the pictures Joni has on her site. Charlotte's living room is my favorite. And i can't wait to see her next book, hopefully a book on inspirational women, she seemed to be passionate about it and I love the idea.

Thanks for 49 minutes of dreaming with the best!

Olivia Juenke
sandy mccune said…
I love Charlotte's work.Her fabrics are so fresh. I have read all her books.They are so inspiring. I wish she could come to KC on a book tour so that I could meet her.
Sandy McCune
So precious to hear her again and being myself also a photographer it was a double special treat.
Thank you ladies for great inspiration and entertainement.
my contact, just in case :) is
michelle said…
I love this woman! She's so worldly yet maintains her very down-to-earth demeanor and knows what she likes. Very confident and beautiful. I would be thrilled to win her book; the scrapbooking process sounds fantastic and really has me intrigued. I had no idea the history behind it. I may just have to take it up!
BTW, I agree with you on the idea for her next book! Thank you all for the opportunity to hear more from this talent.
Charlotte Moss said…
Thank you ALL for these lovely comments. NOW...turning the tables, YOU have inspired me to think about that book
On women. In the meantime, how about a lecture on them?
But, must not forget the gentlemen, I am working on an outline. Thank you, @charmossny
Tina said…
Ladies, LOVE these interviews. I wish there were more! Thank you so much for getting these inspirational people together for us common folk to hear and have access to their thoughts unique careers. I check the site regularly to see if another interview has loaded; it is always a treat to see who is next.
Megan said…
So hope to win - I love listening to Charlotte Moss chatting to you ladies - will have to revisit the original roundtable podcast too.
glenn ban said…
Thank you so much for another wonderful.
As a young designer in the business I have
learned so much from so many of your
guests. I think you offer such a service to
this industry , keep up all the wonderful

Glenn Ban
Charlotte has always been THE design icon for me. I even think the first design book I ever bought was one of hers (and yes, I still have it). So to be able to listen in to your conversation with her us a treat! Thank you, SRT ladies and also thank you, Charlotte.
Anonymous said…
This was an informative and interesting interview, as always. I've been creating scrapbook journals of my travels for over 20 years now, so this topic was of special interest and it did not disappoint. Thank you.
Joni, Megan and Linda- Wonderful interview! It inspires me to sit and make scrapbooks for my children. So much of what Charlotte said rang true, about the visual life!

Susie said…
Charlotte Moss is always inspirational, and it's a treat to listen to her personal perspective.