Chatting with India Hicks

We are thrilled to announce our newest interview with the beautiful and fascinating India Hicks - model, mother, designer, and 2nd cousin of the Prince of Wales - it's not often we get to talk to royalty!  India is actually 678th in line for the Throne, but as soon as Prince William's baby is born, she'll go down a number.

She's the granddaughter of the Earl of Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India and her mother was a bridesmaid and lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth.  But - for design aficionados, India will always be the daughter of David Hicks, one of the most influential interior designers of our times.

Yes, we felt just a bit intimated talking to India.  It's not everyday we talk to a bridesmaid of Princess Diana! Yes, she was that too.  But for the three of us, I think we were most in awe of talking to the daughter of David Hicks.  We were spellbound by her stories.

India has spent her adult years not in England but in the Bahamas, where she and her partner have four children and a newly adopted teenager.  A model, she is also an author and a designer herself, as is her partner David Flint Wood, who co authored her book, Island Life.

Hicks is really stepping out - she recently sold out her Island Living bedding line on HSN, and plans more sales there this summer and in September.

She is also designing fine jewelry, clothing, home accessories - and just about everything else.

Check out her web site to look around and order online at

Please listen to the interview - and hear her speak of life with her father, how she ended up in the Bahamas, and what she has planned for the future.  

It's a fascinating life she leads.


Ladies - Thank you for having India as a guest!

Your interviews with lesser known, though very accomplished guests, are filled with a more interesting line of questions. Maybe you were all a bit star struck and knowledgeable about India's life and career so the depth of discovery was challenged?

Any chance Joni could get a better phone?! I adore her amusing view, but she's difficult to hear.

Anonymous said…
This could have been a goldmine of information about India's life with David Hicks, including what she most embraces about his designs, family history, remembrances of Diana's wedding, etc., but instead it's the usual ho hum routine with a lot of missed opportunities. I agree, Joni needs a better phone and it would be useful to having a better outline of where you want to take the interview. Starting off by asking what time zone the Bahamas are in is nothing short of laughable.
Jennifer said…
What an impressive guest! I really enjoyed hearing India share about her life and work . . . and what a life it is!

I enjoy SRT so very much and have listened to every interview over the years - many of them, twice! I do have to agree with the first comment . . . it seems that you missed out a bit on the chance to ask stronger, more informed questions about her life and work.

But again, I fully enjoyed the interview and thank you for sharing it with us.