Saturday Short: Sometimes, you need a boost

Image courtesy of Orthopedic Chairs

As we've mentioned, each 15-18 minute podcast is the result of a 30-45 minute discussion on the topic at hand. Obviously, a lot gets left on the "cutting room" floor after editing. We thought it would be fun to share some of the outtakes as well - things we found funny but maybe off topic, or nuggets of useful information that are worth sharing, but didn't find a home in the final cut.

This first Saturday Short was a segment of our conversation on Designing For the Sexes where we started to discuss men and recliners, a certain national brand and the ugly factor of many such products. And, for the record, the chair above - which I'm now reminded is called a "Lift Chair" - is NOT the chair being discussed in the segment. I would have been thrilled to find something that looked like the above when it was needed.



This was a very good discussion. I actually don't know why they make this kind of chairs... oh well somebody's gotta love them right? My in-laws "gave" me one of those once... and after a month I brought it back to their place. I just couldn't live with "thing" siting in my lving room... the longest month ever!
Anonymous said…
Too funny! I would like to hear more about color and the way everything seems to be going more neutral and natural. Do you give up all the things you have been collecting over the last 20 years and start over?
Terry said…
My good friend Dr. Bridgers (R.I.P) had one. It made all the difference in him being able to function. A big strong man but diabetes and age had soured his legs. Getting up was excruciating without the chair and dangerous. It took everything he had. Once up he could get around. Anyway, he certainly called it his ejector seat and made plenty of jokes about the seat and his sorry legs.
Linda Merrill said…
Terry - my Dad would have laughed over it too. The image of him being hurled out of the chair would have had him laughing for days. Getting old or being sick isn't for sissies and being able to laugh at one's self is the best medicine!
Loved hearing you guys laughing...made me laugh! :-) Everything just gets better in design furnishings...recliners hardly look like recliners anymore.
Angela P. said…
I just have to say that I have personally purchased one of these ejector seat chairs! It was for my dad and it took quite a while for me to decide just which of the faux leather, wipable "fabrics" to select. This entire process provided endless entertainment for my brothers and sisters and me. At one point we realized that, no matter how ugly it would end up being, it would be the nicest piece of furniture in the entire nursing home. And, it helped my dad tremendously, making him very happy.
Unknown said…
I just had my fair share of browsing the good, the bad and the ugly recliner chairs, looking up and down to find the right 'thing' for my almost 8o year old client. Together we had actually a lot of fun, since he takes his condition with a great admirable deal of humor.
Eventually we found an Ethan Allen leather piece, quite chic and we certainly laughed about ejector seats at different places. Boy, they are cumbersome and ugly...

I laughed with you, you are too funny!

La Maison Fou said…
Well, I completed the last of the skirted roundtable discussions. I have enjoyed each topic and look forward to future ones. Here's one for you - the dog accessories to show or not to show? A kennel cage, doggie bed and the leashes / walking gear? Discuss anongst yourselves ....... I always like to go into peoples homes to see their solution to all the doggie gear.
Thanks, keep up the good work! It is an interesting listen.
It's not an ejecter chair. It's actually called a 'cannon ball chair'. Were you gals drinking wine?
I haven't listened to the segment yet, but based on the topic, I would think that as much as we dislike designing around recliners... the lift chair feature may be a compromise for wives that can't get their husbands out of the recliner to help with the chores... and it would be even better if it came with a remote control that the wife could control!
Terri Symington