Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Shelter Mags Play Musical Chairs

This week, Megan, Joni and Linda discussed the current state of our favorite shelter magazines, the musical chairs of top management and what changes may come to the magazines, and what we would like to see (or not!).
We spent a lot of time discussing the problems with Architectural Digest and why no one seems to like the publication. We specifically discussed the two photographs below. We all agreed that in many cases, the rooms themselves are fine, it's all in the presentation and photography.

From AD, February 2007. Designer Penny Drue Baird.

From AD, November 2006. Designer John Barman

So, join us and please let us know what you think. What changes would you like to see as the editor's-in-chief all take control of their new publications, and what changes would you NOT like to see!

Also, WE HAVE A WINNER in our Bobby McAlpine book giveaway! Christina at Greige, come on down and claim your copy of "The Home Within Us"! Congrats! And a big thanks to Bobby for providing the giveaway!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Bobby McAlpine!!!! Need We Say More?

He came, he talked, he conquered. The buzz about our latest visitor was loud. It seemed everyone was as excited as us to hear what Bobby McAlpine had to say. And he had a lot to say. We talked for over an hour and 1/2, but of course, Linda had to edit it down somewhat.

He's a true Southern Gentleman - soft spoken and polite with a slow drawl AND a little bit of a potty mouth!!! His IQ must be in the stratosphere. He is VERY cerebral. And he is very nice.

He talked about his new book - THE HOME WITHIN US. He talked about this house he lived in for years - the one on the cover of the book and above.

We talked about how well written his book is - it's not just a bunch of pretty pictures, though there are tons of those too.

He talked about how he completely redid this house several times. He talked about who lives in it now. He talked about what he prefers to do - architecture or interior designing, because he excels at both descriptions.

He talked about the beauty of using the finest materials - like steel windows. McAlpine made everyone in America want steel windows (until we found out how much they cost!)

He talked about this major project - adding a dining hall onto a large house. Here is a picture of his solution to that dilemma. He talked a lot about this house and its owners and the chapel he built for them.

Here's what that dining room addition looks like inside.
 and the chapel on the same estate

We want to extend a huge thank you to Bobby for joining us on The Skirted Roundtable. It was a thrill, it was humbling, it was a dream. It's not every day you get to talk to one of the best architects America has.

And - another huge thank you to Bobby for offering his book THE HOME WITHIN US for a giveway. Be sure to enter by leaving us a comment with your name and email address.

To order this wonderfuly well written book with its gorgeous photographs - go HERE.

And as always, we appreciate your continued support.