Sunday, August 21, 2011

Season Recap: The Million Dollar Decorators

The Million Dollar Decorators Cast

Megan was out of town this week, so Linda and I invited Artie Vanderpool from Color Outside the Lines blog HERE to join us while we wrapped up the first season of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators.

Best Moments:  Kathryn Ireland's fights with Shannon Factor.  Look at that face!

Artie actually wrote a weekly recap on his blog for each episode so he was very knowledgeable about some behind the scenes info that we hadn't heard about.

Best Moments:  Ross and Jam in the bathtub.  What more can we say????

All three of us adored the show, but felt that eight short weeks wasn't nearly enough.  But, it did make for an exciting summer watching the antics of Kathryn and Martyn, Mary and Nathan, and Jeffrey and Ross.  So much fun! 

Best Moments:  Jacqueline - Kathryn Ireland's wine drinking French maid.  OMG - she was the breakout star of the season!

Be sure to listen as we discuss what we liked about the show, what we hated about the show (not much!) and what we thought about Shannon Factor!

Best Momemts:  Martyn Lawrence Bullard works while Kathryn Ireland hangs out by the pool in Palm Springs.

Is Million Dollar Decorators coming back next year?  Who knows?   We discuss who we would like to come on next time - or do we want the same cast??????

Best Moments:  Nathan Turner and Mary McDonald travel to market in North Carolina and think they landed in the South. 

As always, thank you for all your support and comments you leave!  We hope you enjoy this session with the Skirted Roundtable and Artie!

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