Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vicente Wolf joins us at the table!

You know when you're having a great conversation and the person you're chatting with just has so much to share? Well, you don't want it to end, which is what happened today when Megan and Linda (*) chatted with the fabulous Vicente Wolf! Mr. Wolf is clearly a born teacher and had so much to share about interior design and the business of design. So, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit back and join us in our in depth chat with Vicente Wolf!

And if you haven't been there, please do visit his website.

(*)Joni was experiencing technical problems, so have no fear, she'll be back at the table next time!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whose bedroom is it?

This week, we are talking bedrooms - what we like, what works and who is it that admits she can't really make a bed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Short: Au Revoir Southern Accents

Sniff...sniff... there were a lot of sighs and angry words around the Roundtable when we chatted about the closing of Southern Accents Magazine. Class and originality is slowly sifting out of the shelter magazine rack and folks we've been lucky enough to get to know - such as the kind and, yes, gracious Miss Southern Living herself Karen Carroll - are being personally affected. Jobs lost, lives upturned. It's just numbers for some, but it's personal for the rest of us - from the readers who wait by their mailboxes to the designers, architects, artists and photographers whose work has graced these pages, to the staffs who put their heart and soul into each publication. Requiescat in pace - Southern Accents.

Click here to listen to our June 2009 chat with Karen Carroll, editor-in-chief, Southern Accents.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Listeners' Letters, in two parts

We asked and we got it. Thank you so much to all of you who participated in our listener, 'write in'. The experiment proved to be quite a success as we received so many tremendous comments and questions via Twitter, blog commenting and emails. Because of its success, the show went a bit over our normal time and will be broken into two parts. Thank you to all who contributed!

Part 1 Topics: Peggy Bryant asks about affordable decorators; Anon asks about designers working room by room; Nora asks about staging; Beth at Style Redux asks about blog etiquette; Jillian asks about blog etiquette and a design question that we forgot to answer (apologies to Jillian!); The NeoTrad asks about our mentors, muses and idols; Anon asks about our favorite white paints.

Part 2 Topics: Anon asks if we're all making a living as decorators; Patti Friday of Liberty Post asks about trends; Terry of Architecture Tourist asks about the value of a designer; Sam Twain asks our views on environmental topics as related to design; ElizGonz asks about lighting; and Sharon asks about placement of appliances on angled walls.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who do we think we are, anyway?

This week The Skirted Roundtable dissects the cover story of House Beautiful, the August issue. "WHAT MAKES A ROOM GREAT?" - the magazine asked and we answered! Hear what Linda, Megan and Joni have to say about Kips Bay's most talked about room this year - the Bunny Williams All In One Room. And just for good measure, we give Joe Nye's small apartment, also featured in the issue, a good go-over too. Find out which story we all loved, and which one we all...well, let's just say, we didn't quite "get" it!


Bunny's All In One Room - looking towards the fireplace.

Looking towards the window wall.

A view towards the right side wall.

A view towards the back wall, showing the dining table and breakfront.

Close-up view of window wall.

Close-up view of sofa and pillows.

The table all set for a meal.

Another view of the table and breakfront.


Joe Nye's very small apartment - the living room.

The dining area to the right of the living area.

The living and dining area.

The bedroom.

Another view of the bedroom.

Images courtesy of House Beautiful and Maria Quiroga, and various sites here.