Monday, October 26, 2009

Suzanne Kasler sits down at The Skirted Roundtable

Today, Suzanne Kasler, interior designer, furniture designer, lighting designer, author, and utterly gracious person - visited The Skirted Roundtable for an in depth chat. As usual, we were all ears as Suzanne spoke about design and what it means to her. She reveals how she approaches an empty house - it's all about the "sequencing" of color and style that runs throughout a house, according to Suzanne. After talking in general terms, we got down to business and pulled out Suzanne's new book "Inspired Interiors." We all claimed one room we particularly loved (the three of us had initially picked the same room!) and asked Suzanne to talk about the inspiration behind each one. We have printed the pictures here in case your copy of Inspired Interiors hasn't arrived yet.

As usual, the time went by much too quickly, we could have listened to Suzanne talk about each page in the entire book. If you haven't bought it yet - we highly recommend it. For an autographed copy, send an email HERE. Before you listen to the show, be sure to get out a pen and paper - Suzanne shares her favorite white paint colors.

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did. We feel like we are getting quite an education listening to the best interior designers in America and we plan to continue offering classes - as long as you'll attend! If you'd like, please help to continue the conversation by leaving a comment, and as always your support is very much appreciated.

Linda's pick (and Megan and Joni) for her favorite room in the book is this dining room - located in Suzanne's former house. The pink taffeta curtains are the focal point - but we all discover new details we hadn't noticed before.
Pages 18-19.

Megan's choice was this wonderful English styled log cabin, also recently featured in Architectural Digest. We all agreed that this proves a log cabin can be dressy and beautiful. This is the great room in the owner's house situated right next to Blackberry Farm, the Relais and Chateau hotel they founded, located in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.
Pages 174-175.

Another view of the log cabin. In the summer - all the furniture is covered in white slips.

Megan then picked a 2nd room to discuss - this bunk room.
Pages 182-186.

Suzanne discussed the rug - and described how she purchases things just because she likes them, not with a specific client in mind.

Joni's pick is this eclectic family room in Suzanne's former house. We dissected the room, piece by piece, to understand how and why it works.
Pages 20-21.

And finally, we discussed this dining room - because it is so universally well liked by bloggers. Suzanne tells us how the famous pink wall came to be and how everyone was initially against it!

Pages 127-129.

Another view of her most famous room - Suzanne reveals which pink is closest to the real shade - the light pink in this picture or the deeper pink in the former picture.

"Inspired Interiors" by Suzanne Kasler - a wonderful book, available on Amazon.


Edited to add: When we interviewed Suzanne, we had no idea about this part of her background. Having gone through such a trying time in her life only adds to our respect for her and her work. And thank you to Colonel James H. Kasler for your service to our country. 

Excerpted from "Tempered Steel: Colonel James A. Kasler" by Perry D. Luckett and Charles L. Byler

As General Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg, Jr., observed in a recent inter-
view, Jim Kasler is a paragon of what the fighting airman is all about.  He
didn’t break the sound barrier first or go to the moon and jump up and
down.  He was just the best at his trade that anyone could be, and he is a
complex, esoteric individual whose characteristics all came together when
his nation needed him to produce what he did.  Indeed, James Kasler is a
genuine American hero, and we all must hope the United States has a few
like him in the future, when we need them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Accessorizing - The Final Frontier

Mantlescape by Jane Moore

This week The Skirted Roundtable tackles accessorizing, the final touches that make a room special. We talk about how to accessorize shelves, how we feel about using books that no one has, or ever will, read, and what we think about mantlescapes and lampshades, among other things.

Bookshelves and lampshades by Charlotte Moss

As always, we encourage you to leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas. The comments have all been so great lately, and they encourage even more conversation. And, be sure to listen in the coming weeks when we will be interviewing a few of America's top interior designers!!

Shelves accessorized by Charles Faudree


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Friday, October 16, 2009

Endorsements, disclosures and the economics of blogging

The week, Joni, Megan and Linda discuss the recently released FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines relating to bloggers' endorsements of products, disclosure of financial or product arrangements, and the economics of blogging now and in the future.

Click here for links to the new FTC Guidelines and various reactions around the internet.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Charlotte Moss Joins Us at the Skirted Roundtable

In honor of Charlotte Moss' visit to The Skirted Roundtable: a early version of her decorating style - a yellow plaid skirted table softens the area in front of the window of her former townhouse.

We are so thrilled to present Ms. Charlotte Moss to the listeners of The Skirted Roundtable. Linda, Megan and myself were mesmerized listening to Charlotte discuss her design philosophies, how her business works - whether the client first comes to her office or if they meet at the client's house, what lengths she goes to to finish an installation, and everything in between. The time flew by and though we promised her we would only keep her for 30 minutes, it was almost an hour before we were forced to end it - much to our chagrin. We hope you enjoy listening to this design icon as much as we did. You will learn a lot from Ms. Moss - I know we did. We felt like we were sitting at the feet of a master - soaking it all up, as Megan said "like a sponge."
Charlotte dresses up for a charity function: philanthropy is of utmost importance to her and she serves on many boards, where she generously donates large amounts of her time.

Her most famous Kips Bay showhouse room. This vignette might be one of the prettiest ever designed. I love how the etagere is urn shaped and she repeats this with an urn atop it. The framed wallpaper remnant is perfectly scaled to the etagere, while the bell jar is placed to bring your eye to it as a focal point and then travel down the curved lines of the etagere and further along the curving arms of the chaise longue. Perfection!

Ms. Moss is known for her feminine bedrooms - most often finished with a four poster bed. During her Skirted Roundtable discussion - she addresses feminine vs. masculine design and how to deal with men who don't like canopy beds.

It's not all work - there's lot of fun in Charlotte's life, that's for sure! You'll be interested to hear how much sleep she gets a night.
A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Charlotte for giving up her time to talk with us AND you!