Monday, December 20, 2010

Vicki Archer of French Essence Joins Us!

We were so excited to be able to chat with Vicki Archer, author of the books French Essence and My French Life and the popular blog French Essence! We would have been more excited if we were all together at her house in Saint Rémy de Provence but Skype had to suffice.

We chatted about Vicki's beautiful ex-pat life in France (she's Australian) and the beautiful farm house she restored over time. She even has 3000 olive trees and spends one month a year harvesting them!

We chatted about this leopard staircase Vicki spotted (pun intended) in a shop. We did finally determine this is papered, not painted.

Vicki's daughter's bedroom as shot for French Essence. Vicki found the bed at the Cligancourt Flea market in Paris in 1995.

And finally, Vicki's staircase wrapped in olive branches for Christmas. Artwork by Anne Harwell.

All photos, except where noted, by Carla Coulson.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kathryn M. Ireland Visits the Skirted Roundtable!

We were thrilled to spend time talking with Kathryn Ireland, the interior designer, NOT the model who unfortunately has the same name!  Kathryn is English but lives and works in California and summers at her house in France.   Besides decorating, she also designs a fabulous fabric line.  

Her ranch in Ojai influenced the creation of her latest fabric line:  Mexico Meets Morocco!

Kathryn was so much fun - she was at home after a long day of work - and she was ready to relax and just chat.    We talked about her wonderful house in Ojai that she sold to Reese Witherspoon, and we talked about her garage that she turned into her own private retreat after she sold her ranch.   A lot of Kathryn's clients are famous - A-listers in Hollywood.    She got her start partnering up with the actress Amanda Pays when they both owned a small shop.   Steve Martin came in one day and bought up everything!  The rest is history.

Kathryn has two books out:

This book tells all about the restoration of her Ojai Ranch.

This book is about Kathryn's decorating style - with loads of pictures.

Both are available on Amazon:  order Classic Country HERE and Creating A Home HERE.   A third book about her house is France is coming out soon.

And for those in the LA area, Kathryn will be doing a book signing at Giannetti Home on Saturday. Check out Brooke's blog for all the details. 

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 We hope you enjoy listening to this interview!  Coming up is Vicki Archer - the author and blogger who lives a dream life in Provence,  and next, a surprise guest, a giant in the decorating field.

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